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New CPD requirements for Australian and New Zealand members
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New CPD requirements for Australian and New Zealand members

22 Nov 22

As your professional body CIBSE is committed to ensuring that all regional members are supported, and that qualifications meet local and international standards.

As such, the CPD requirement for all corporate members in Australia and New Zealand is changing. This will ensure our members are aligned with government requirements for engineering registration in Australian states and in New Zealand.

From January 2023, it will be mandatory for CIBSE Corporate Members, and those working towards chartered status, in Australia and New Zealand, to complete 150 hours of CPD every three years. 

In addition, there are new requirements around the breakdown CPD hours, and how sub-disciplines within building services engineering are treated in our Region. Whilst CIBSE has promoted ‘Building Services’ as a single engineering discipline, some jurisdictions require this to be broken into different ‘areas of practice’ - in particular, ‘mechanical services engineering’ and ‘electrical services engineering’.

If you work in one area of practice, breakdown of the specific hour requirements is as follows:

  • 50 hours must relate to your area of practice
  • 10 hours must cover risk management
  • 15 hours must be about business and management skills
  • 75 hours must cover a range of activities relevant to your career interests, including a minimum 15 hours of learning related to safety, 30 hours related to sustainability, and 3 hours on ethics.

If you work in more than one area of practice then you must record at least 50 hours for each area across the three-year period. For example, if you are Chartered and potentially seeking Registration in  two areas of practice, the hour requirement would be broken down as follows:

  • 50 hours to the first area of practice*
  • 50 hours to the second area of practice*
  • 10 hours for risk management
  • 15 hours for business and management skills
  • A minimum 50 hours for any other CPD activities including 15 hours of learning related to safety, 30 hours related to sustainability, and 3 hours on ethics.

*If technical CPD activities overlap, then a maximum 25 hours can be claimed across both area of practice, the remainder can be apportioned to either.

Within the boundaries noted above, there is no limit to the maximum number of hours that can be claimed for formal postgraduate study or tertiary course units, short courses, workshops, seminars and discussion groups, conferences, technical inspections and technical meetings

Structured learning activities in the workplace that extends competence in the area/s of engineering is limited to a maximum 75 hours, and private study which extends knowledge and skills is limited to a maximum 18 hours

Service to the engineering profession is limited to a maximum 50 hours and preparation and presentation of papers for courses, conferences, seminars or publication is limited to a maximum of 45 hours for papers published in journals and conference proceedings, or 75 hours for papers subject to critical peer review.

An engineering academic or teacher, must also demonstrate at least 40 hours of industry involvement in each three-year period.

In order to help support this, CIBSE has launched a new recording platform, mycareerpath.  mycareerpath is an online portal where members can plan, record and reflect on their professional development at a time and place that suits them. 


The easy-to-use tool is developed and managed by the Engineering Council and is licensed to CIBSE for use by our members. It will enable you to: 

  • Write professional development plans for your CPD
  • Record your CPD
  • Record the number of hours
  • Reflect on your CPD (a new requirement for several membership categories)
  • Submit CPD for audit  (CIBSE will periodically audit members to ensure CPD requirements are being met)
  • Record their evidence as you develop competence. 

Recording and reflecting on CPD is a requirement for all CIBSE corporate members. 
Click here for guidance on how to use the CIBSE CPD portal - mycareerpath.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

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