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Ramboll launches boiler appeal for Ukraine
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Ramboll launches boiler appeal for Ukraine

31 Aug 22

Ramboll are helping to facilitate a drive to collect (used) boilers from UK district heating. They are badly needed in Ukraine ahead of the coming winter.

The combined heat and power plant in Kremenchuk in Ukraine has been heavily damaged by Russian bombardments, and the plant is now in urgent need of natural gas and oil boilers. The plant supplies district heating to 82 percent of the city's population, and if they don't get boilers, among other things, it will result in more than 200,000 people going without or with little heat in the coming winter.

Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO), the Danish Embassy in Kyiv and Ramboll are therefore sending a plea to UK boiler and district heating companies to help by supplying either natural gas or oil boilers for a fee.

Ramboll writes:

“We need to identify potential suppliers of used natural gas or oil boilers, as it appears that potential suppliers of new boilers in Denmark are unable to meet the request for delivery within 2-3 months.

The deadline is also quite short. The coming heating season is at the door, starting in mid-October, and therefore Rambøll now wants to investigate the possibility of getting hold of used boilers so that they can be put into operation in December-January, when the available production capacity will fall short compared to the coldest months of the Ukrainian winter.

We know that some district heating companies put older, but usable, boilers in “stock” when converting from gas and oil. The idea is that these boilers can be installed temporarily with future district heating customers, should this become necessary. We thought that boilers like these could possibly come into play, now that Ukraine is in the current situation.”

Ramboll states that the total capacity requirement is 73 MW, and a maximum of 51 MW can be installed at the main location in Kremenchuk. The remaining capacity will be distributed across other locations.

Ramboll is asking for answers to the following questions from interested district heating companies in UK:

• What capacity could you deliver?
• What does this capacity consist of? Please state the capacity of each individual boiler and fuel.
• What is the extent of the used equipment you can supply? Is it limited to the boiler itself or does it include other relevant equipment for operation? Please elaborate.
• When would these boilers be ready for delivery?

Although mobile boilers – i.e. installed in a container – are preferred, other boilers are also relevant.

District heating companies can contact Ramboll:

Ross Connell: [email protected]
Lisa Lindberg: [email protected].

Note: NEFCO (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation) is a green finance institute owned by the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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