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Reinforced Aerated Aggregate Concrete RAAC

11 Sep 23

CIBSE members will be well aware of the concerns relating to Reinforced Aerated Aggregate Concrete that have been reported recently following the closure of a number of educational settings.

Building services engineers may be asked about RAAC by clients with concerns, and they may also encounter material which they suspect to be RAAC in the course of their daily work.

The Institution of Structural Engineers has produced a clear statement and FAQs. They have also issued clear guidance for the assessment of suspected RAAC.

CIBSE advises anyone who has questions or concerns relating to RAAC to seek advice from a structural engineer who has specialist knowledge about the specific characteristics and behaviour of RAAC.

Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures UK (CROSS-UK) has set up a theme page which provides further information. CROSS is a confidential reporting system which allows professionals working in the built environment to report on fire and structural safety issues. These are then published anonymously to share lessons learned, create positive change, and improve safety. Access the CROSS page here.




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