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Remembering Geoffrey Brundrett - CIBSE past president

24 Aug 20

Geoff Brundrett passed way in June after a long struggle with health issues.

After obtaining his BEng Geoff joined Leyland Motors and then received his PhD at Liverpool University. He then joined the CEGB's Marchwood, Hampshire Laboratories and then the Electricity Council Research Centre at Capenhurst, Cheshire where he became the head of the Environmental & Building Division. A move to academia saw him back at Liverpool University as a visiting professor as well as a senior fellow at the University of Wales. 

Geoff received world recognition for his leadership in the understanding of the control of Legionella for which he received CIBSE's Bronze Medal in 1992. Later he was to receive both a Silver Medal in 2004 and Gold Medal in 2017 from CIBSE for his work on behalf of the Institution and the industry at large.

Geoff represented engineers on the Council for the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health eventually becoming its Chairman. He co-wrote ASHRAE's Humidity Control Design Guide and actively researched aspects of aircraft cabin environments. 

Geoff Brundrett was CIBSE President in the Institutions centennial year, 1997. It was because of his intervention that the CIBSE Heritage Group were able to publish and distribute a commemorative book, The Quest for Comfort by Brian Roberts, an historical review of the HEVAC industry. Geoff subsequently became an active member of the Heritage Group. In his introduction to The Quest for Comfort, he wrote " CIBSE was born with the aim of improving the comfort of mankind by openly discussing topics of uncertainty, by sharing professional knowledge and by spreading this knowledge through publications and lectures". Finally, Geoff added " It is hoped you will enjoy learning something of the heritage passed to today's building services engineers as they anticipate the challenge of the next millennium". Oh, how we could do with his likes at this troubled time!

 - Paul G. Yunnie, ANZ Representative, CIBSE Heritage Group.

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