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TM65 Australia & New Zealand Addendum - coming soon

27 Apr 22

In January 2021, CIBSE released TM65 Embodied Carbon of Building Services Equipment: a calculation methodology. It provides a calculation methodology to evaluate embodied carbon of building services equipment when no environmental product declarations (EPDs) are available. This guide is primarily for engineers and consultants working in the UK as some of the assumptions are based on the principle that the product is being used in the UK.
The TM65 Australia and New Zealand Addendum is coming soon. This addendum project, led by Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) and CIBSE Australia and New Zealand, and facilitated by Elementa with input from a working group, will be released shortly. This addendum provides country specific assumptions to be used when carrying out embodied carbon calculations for building services equipment in Australia and New Zealand when no environmental product declarations (EPDs) are available.
TM65 in Australia
Adopting TM65 in Australia is the first step towards understanding the carbon impacts of the supply chain for MEP products. It allows a simple, cost effective and consistent methodology for approximating the embodied emissions of MEP equipment, and for aggregated data to be collected for benchmarking purposes. Data submitted to CIBSE will be used into the future to improve the standard and to help partner organisations such as the GBCA to support the transparency and sustainability of our industry.

All information shared with CIBSE will be treated in line with the EU GDPR rules on data protection and confidentiality.

The aim of TM65 ANZ Addendum is to promote transparency in the Australian Market in relation to embodied carbon and provide support for organisations looking to take their first step towards assessing their products. TM65 provides a simple replicable assessment methodology for building services able to be completed by manufacturers or consult with relatively limited information.

The Australia and New Zealand addendum and methodology will be available on the CIBSE Knowledge Portal in Q3 of 2022. CIBSE plans to roll out a series of technical sessions to assist with the application of this methodology in Australia and New Zealand once the addendum is finalised.
Actions engineers can take now:

 Request EPDs and send manufacturers the TM65 'manufacturer' form
 Help CIBSE build a product database: If information is received from MEP manufacturers on products, the completed 'manufacturer' form should be sent to CIBSE at [email protected].
• Help CIBSE by sharing research: If embodied carbon calculations are carried out by a consultant or engineer for products or systems, please share this with CIBSE. Studies should be emailed to [email protected].

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