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Introducing energy use targets in planning policy

This briefing provides a summary of a review carried out by CIBSE on the approach to setting energy targets in planning policy.

Download CIBSE Briefing: Introducing energy use targets in planning policy - May 2022

It covers the following:

  • Recent developments in the regulatory and industry context which would support
    such an approach
  • The available evidence to set energy use targets in planning policy
  • CIBSE‚Äôs recommended, evidence-backed approach to implementing such targets
  • Examples of precedent in existing or proposed planning policy.

The use of energy targets in policy has been called for by industry, in particular, the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI), and a number of local authorities are in the process of incorporating them into policy.

This briefing intends to help them do so with a robust, evidence-backed and consistent approach. It is part of a wider set of recommendations from CIBSE on creating an effective regulatory framework for net-zero carbon buildings.

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