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Training & Development Schemes

Training & Development (T&D) is an approved in-company training scheme, which develops engineers’ skills and competence toward achieving Engineering Council registration and corporate membership of CIBSE.

Developing engineers registered on an approved T&D programme are paired with an experienced mentor, who provides guidance and acts as a sounding board as they develop their competence for Engineering Council registration.

What are the benefits of an approved T&D scheme?

For the employer:  

  • Recruit new talent to your business, as graduates will be looking for additional benefits of employment and support towards their professional development  
  • Provide a streamlined and structured route for employees to gain professional registration and develop as senior engineers and future leaders
  • Demonstrate to employees that you’re committed to their professional development
  • The assurance that your scheme has been reviewed and approval by a Professional Engineering Institution
  • Use the Certificate of Approval and the CIBSE approved scheme logo on promotional material and scheme documentation 

For the trainee: 

  • Joining a CIBSE T&D scheme gives you the benefit of a structured support system, geared towards developing your skills and competence to achieve professional registration 
  • Be paired with an experienced mentor who will guide you through your journey 
  • Being part of an approved scheme gives you the assurance you are part of a company which invests in their staff development  
  • Join CIBSE’s Young Engineers Network (YEN) and network with like-minded individuals 
  • Receive additional support from CIBSE when applying to for professional registration. 

More information

For Employers

Information on how to become an approved scheme, or to apply for re-accreditation.

Find out more

For Trainees

Information on how to register for your company's T&D scheme.

For Trainees

Useful documentation

A list of useful T&D documentation for employers and trainees.

Useful documentation
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