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About the CIBSE Council
CEO Reports
Council Records
Council Members

About CIBSE Council

The CIBSE Council is made up of dedicated CIBSE members who call on their experience, insight, and professional passion to make an extraordinary contribution to the smooth running of our Institution.

As a representative body, it's important that it is exactly that – representative. CIBSE membership includes students and new graduates as well as people at the very top of their profession with decades of incredible experience across a range of disciplines and industries. We want our Council to reflect that diversity.
Council meets three times a year and works with the Board to help ensure good governance for the benefit of all members, partners and the communities we serve.

The key roles of Council are to:

  • Influence the direction and strategy of the Institution.

  • Receive regular briefings on the Institution's progress.

  • Communicate the representative views of the members to the Board.

The Council receives reports from the Chief Executive, is consulted by the Board on any major proposals for change, debates matters of significance to the Institution and its membership, and canvasses and represents the views of Regions, Societies and Groups.

Council has over 60 members, including:

All members of the Board 
Up to nine elected Members 
2 Past Presidents 
All Standing Committee Chairs
All Regional Chairs
All Society Chairs
All Group Chairs
Other key representatives, eg Patrons, Young Engineers Network, REHVA. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Reports

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CEO Report Jun 2022
CEO Report Feb 2022

CEO Report Oct 2021
CEO Report Jun 2021
CEO Report Feb 2021

CEO Report Oct 2020
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CEO Report Oct 2014
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CEO Reports Oct 2013
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CEO Reports Oct 2012
CEO Report Jun 2012
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CEO Report Oct 2011
CEO Report Jun 2011
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CEO Report Oct 2010
CEO Report Jun 2010
CEO Report Feb 2010

Council Records

Click links to download as PDF

Council Record Feb 2022

Council Record Oct 2021
Council Record Jun 2021
Council Record Feb 2021

Council Record Oct 2020
Council Record Jun 2020
Council Record Jan 2020

Council Record Oct 2019
Council Record Jun 2019
Council Record Feb 2019

Council Record Oct 2018
Council Record Jun 2018
Council Record Feb 2018

Council Record Oct 2017
Council Record Jun 2017
Council Record Feb 2017

Council Record Oct 2016
Council Record Jun 2016
Council Record Feb 2016

Council Record Oct 2015
Council Record Jun 2015
Council Record Feb 2015

Council Record Oct 2014
Council Record Jun 2014
Council Record Feb 2014

Council Record Oct 2013
Council Record Jun 2013
Council Record Feb 2013

Council Record Oct 2012
Council Record Jun 2012
Council Record Feb 2012

Council Record Oct 2011
Council Record Jun 2011
Council Record Feb 2011

Council Record Oct 2010
Council Record Jun 2010
Council Record Feb 2010

CIBSE Council Members 2022/23


CIBSE Board Officers:
President: Kevin Mitchell
President-Elect: Adrian Catchpole
Immediate Past President: Kevin Kelly
Vice-President: Fiona Cousins
Vice-President: P L Yuen
Vice-President: Les Copeland
Honorary Treasurer: Vince Arnold


Elected Board Members:
David Cooper
Laura Mansel-Thomas
Ruth Kelly-Waskett
Lionel James
David Stevens

Elected Members of Council:
Andrew Bott
Andy Sneyd
Colin Ashford
Dimple Rana
Michael Burton
Michael Henry Smith
Rebecca Taylor
Sanjay Chandu Modasia

Qualified Specialists:
Susan Hone-Brookes

Society Representatives:
ILEVE: Dean Greer
Patrons: Scott Mason
SDE: Andy Krebs
SFE: Chris Aspinall
SLL: Andrew Bissell
SoPHE: Peter White

Other CIBSE Representatives:
EC(UK) Board: Andrew Rowe
Fellows Network: Geoff Prudence
Inclusivity Panel: Alexandra Logan
Nominations: Tony Day
REHVA: Andy Ford/David Fisk
RLC Board Representative: Vince Arnold
YEN Mentor: Andrew Saville
Young Engineers Network: Gemma Taylor
WiBSE: Annette Ash

Standing Committee Chairs:
Communications Committee (CC): David Fitzpatrick
Education Training & Membership (ET&M): Andrew Rowe
Knowledge Management Committee (KMC): Francis (Ted) Pilbeam - KMC Profile
Professional Conduct Committee (PPC): Doug King
Regional Liaison Committee (RLC): Kevin Mitchell
Technical Committee (TC): Katie Clemence-Jackson


Special Interest Group Chairs:
ASHRAE: David Green
Building Simulation: Darren Woolf
CHP and District Heating: Huw Blackwell
Chimneys & Flues: Jim Kinnibrugh
Daylight: John Mardaljevic
Electrical Services: Leon Markwell
Energy Performance: Maria Spyrou
Facilities Management: Geoff Prudence
Healthcare: Steve Clifford
Heritage: Andrew More
Homes for the Future: Tom Lelyveld
HVAC Systems: Mary-Ann Clarke
Intelligent Buildings: Yangang Xing and Vasiliki Kourgiozou
IT & Controls: Peter McDermott 
Lifts: Adam Scott
Natural Ventilation: Owen Connick
Resilient Cities: Kirstin Johansen
School Design: Alan Fogarty
Young Energy Performance: Michael Bennett

Regional Chairs:
Australia & New Zealand: Mark Crawford
East Anglia: Nicola Booth
East Midlands: Mahroo Eftekhari
Home Counties North East: Austin Williamson 
Home Counties North West: Gita Maruthayanar
Home Counties South East: Steven Peet
Home Counties South West: Hakeem Makanju
Hong Kong: T C Chan
Republic of Ireland: Michael Curran
Merseyside & North Wales: Paul Guyers
Northern Ireland: Jonathan Grimshaw
North East: Steve Arnold
North West: Will Harrop
Scotland: Ingrid Berkeley
South Wales: Thomas deBoeck
South West: Gonzalo Pastor Peñalba
Southern: Peter Prentice
West Midlands: Jocelyn Brownlie
UAE: Farah Naz
Yorkshire: Pritpal Jandu