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TM40 2019 Health Issues and Wellbeing in Building Services


Consideration of building users’ health and comfort has always been fundamental to the role of building services engineers. In recent years, trends including rising life expectancy, a rise in chronic non-communicable diseases and significant advances in knowledge and solutions have highlighted the significant role of the built environment as part of public health prevention approaches to public health prevention and improving our wellbeing, comfort and cognitive performance.

This has prompted a revision of Technical Memorandum 40, first published in 2006. This is a comprehensive update and the resulting guidance will be published in 2019.

The guidance will be available as a single document, but it is also structured to be readable in parts that cut across themes rather than front-to-cover, for example to go through the health effects of environmental factors, or guidance on the operational stage – see below Figure 1 on structure and intended audience.


In anticipation of the full publication, CIBSE are planning an early release of a summary of the TM. This will include an overview of the emerging themes i.e. key areas of debate, emerging knowledge, and R&D opportunities for practitioners and academia in the field of health and wellbeing.

For more information on CIBSE activities and publications on the theme of health and wellbeing, see here

Fig-2-1-(1).pngUpcoming CIBSE TM40 on health and wellbeing – structure and intended audience