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  • PublisherCIBSE
  • Product CodeGVB3/16
  • Number of pages143
  • Publication DateMay 2016
  • ISBN9781906846770

Guide B3 Air conditioning and refrigeration (2016)


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PDF Format






Guide B3 Air conditioning and refrigeration (2016)

Guide B provides guidance on the practical design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and is divided into six sections which are published separately:

B0: Applications and activities

B1: Heating

B2: Ventilation and ductwork

B3: Air conditioning and refrigeration

B4: Noise and vibration control for building services systems

Guide B Combined index

The full set is available at a discounted price here: Guide B (full set)

Guide B3: Air conditioning and refrigeration describes requirements and provides guidance on system selection with respect to generic building systems, and relates primarily to office air conditioning systems. Guidance on specific requirements for other building types is provided in CIBSE Guide B0: Applications.

Topics covered include:

  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
    • Energy efficiency and minimising carbon emissions
    • Whole-life cost
    • Establishing key performance requirements
    • Cooling loads
  • Air conditioning
    • Strategies
    • Systems
    • Equipment
  • Refrigeration
    • Design criteria
    • System types
    • Heat rejection and cooling-water equipment
    • Heat pumps
    • Components
    • Controls
    • Commissioning, operation and energy management
  • Appendices
    • Techniques for assessment of ventilation
    • Psychrometric processes
    • Summary data for refrigerants
    • Pressure–enthalpy charts for refrigerants

Corrigenda (November 2018): makes corrections to equation 3.1, Figure 3.69, page 3-98, and Table 3.A2.1.


Guide B3 Steering Committee: Guy Hundy (Chair), Nigel Armitag, Bill Coates, Robin Curtis, Alan Green, Paul Griffiths, Hugh Jenkinson, Shakil Mughal, Alan Treacy, Peter Warren

Referees: David Butler, Tim Dwyer, John Missenden, Terry Welch