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Find your Grade

Whether you're starting out, have been working in the field for many years or already professionally registered with another engineering institution, our range of membership grades means that there is a level to suit everyone.  

CIBSE aims to support you on a day to day basis and help you develop professionally within the building services industry.

If you’re planning to apply for any level of CIBSE membership you can now do so online with our easy to follow application process. You will simply register or login to MyCIBSE, complete our online application form and upload the required documents.
Depending on the grade applied for, payment for either the application, interview or subscription fees will be made at the checkout stage of the application process. There is no requirement to email CIBSE a copy of your application. 

 If you have already submitted your application by email to, you are not required to re-submit your application online. Please do not submit your application more than once.

Affiliate Grade

You can join today and receive access to membership benefits. No entry requirements necessary.

Student Grade

If you are studying an engineering course, join today to take advantage of the valuable services CIBSE offers.

Graduate Grade

A transition grade for those who have recently completed a degree and now working towards an Associate or Member.

Licentiate Grade

Technicians involved in applying creative aptitudes and skills within defined fields of technology.

Associate Grade

Those at management level with the ability to act as an exponent of today’s technology through creativity and innovation.

Member Grade

Those engaged in technical and commercial leadership, optimising existing and emerging technology.

Fellow Grade

For professional engineers contributing to the industry in a senior role with significant autonomy and responsibility.