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Interview Guidance

There are two types of interviews

  • Competence Review - If you are successful you will gain CIBSE membership and be invited to apply for Engineering Council registration via the Alternative Route.
  • Professional Review - If you are successful, you will gain CIBSE membership and registration with the Engineering Council.   You must meet the academic requirement in order to be invited for a Professional Review.

Two CIBSE trained interviewers will interview you. They will hold the level of membership and registration you are applying for or higher.  Please note that from time to time we have observers in interviews for training purposes.  If this is the case, you will be notified ahead of time.
The interviewers’ task is to verify you have reached the competency level claimed in your Engineering Practice Report.
Remember the interviewers want you to succeed!

Tip! Watch this video from interviewer Caroline Cattini on preparing for your interview

Preparing for Interview
The interview is your opportunity to verbally demonstrate that you meet the competence criteria as stated in your Engineering Practice Report.
Your presentation should be 15 – 20 minutes; this is approximately a minute on each competence. It can be delivered by PowerPoint, in which case you will need to bring your own laptop, or by using a paper presentation. Be sure to bring two hard copies of your presentation for the interviewers.
CIBSE recommend you structure your presentation by competence.  You should demonstrate each competence by giving good clear examples from your report.

Tip! Make sure you have read and understood the CIBSE Code of Conduct and be prepared to discuss your understanding of it in the interview

Check out CIBSE’s resources to help you prepare for interview.
Watch our webinar on How To Prepare For Your Interview. This webinar is designed to give you useful tips on how to prepare your presentation, as well as what you can expect in your interview. The following topics will be covered:

  • Purpose of the interview
  • The procedure - what to expect
  • Preparing your presentation for the interview
  • Do's and don'ts - our top five tips
  • The scoring method

There are Sample Interview Presentations to see how past applicants have structured their presentations. Review the view our Interview Scoresheet to get an idea of how you will be scored.
On the Day
Arrive early to ensure you are ready to start at your appointed time.  The interview will last approximately one hour, there will be an introduction followed by your presentation.
During your interview, you will be asked questions and engage in discussion. The interviewers are looking to verify your knowledge and experience in all competence criteria.
You should expect to do most of the talking.

Tip! Remember to answer the questions in the first person, use I not we.


Good Luck!