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Training and Development

The Training and Development Manual for Companies contains further guidance for employers on providing training schemes and the approval process. 

What is Training and Development?

Training and Development, as defined by the Engineering Council, is ‘when aspiring professionals learn to apply their knowledge and understanding, develop their skills and competence, and begin to apply professional judgement. [It] enables engineers and technicians to demonstrate the necessary competence and commitment to become registered with the Engineering Council.

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What is a T&D Scheme?

A T&D scheme allows your company to support prospective professional engineers as they develop these skills and learn to demonstrate their competence towards becoming a corporate member of CIBSE and an Engineering Council registrant. Trainees are paired with an experienced mentor who will provide guidance and act as a sounding board as they track their progress against the relevant competences for their desired grade. In this way, trainees build a large portfolio of evidence towards their membership application, and also become familiar with the competence criteria.

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Why should you run an Approved T&D Scheme?

A company that employs Chartered and Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Technicians will enhance its ability to win potential business. In some cases, evidence of employing registered engineers is necessary for the award of contracts in the UK and overseas.

There’s no easier way to encourage your staff to become professionally registered than by running a training and development scheme. Operating a CIBSE approved T&D Scheme:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to your staff’s professional development and ensures that the resources are in place for everyone to succeed;

  • Is great way to attract younger engineers to your business, as graduates will be looking for additional benefits of employment and support towards their professional development;

  • Reassures your staff that the scheme has been reviewed by a professional body;

  • Allows greater contact between you, your staff and the institution;

  • Gives trainees a structured support system to follow;

  • Gives you the ability to draw upon the knowledge and experience of your peers at the annual T&D Forum;

  • The approval process also allows an opportunity for feedback on which aspects of your scheme are working well, and where there may be room for improvement.

I am interested in running a CIBSE approved scheme. What do I need to do next?

Annual and Final Report Template

*New* Objective Achieved Report Template