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Training & Development Forum

The T&D Forum provides information and useful tips on running a CIBSE approved T&D scheme. Why you should attend:

  • You will receive guidance on how to set up a CIBSE T&D scheme and the approval process.

  • You can benefit from panel members' presentations on how to run a successful T&D scheme.

  • You can networking, share best practices and have group discussions with other T&D scheme administrators, scheme sponsors and/or mentors.

  • You will be able to speak with T&D panel members about the approval process.

Who is the event for?

Staff who are actively involved in running T&D schemes or would like to set up a new scheme. This can include T&D scheme administrators, scheme sponsors and mentors.

Where does the event take place?

CIBSE HQ, 222 Balham High Road, London SW12 9BS.

Next T&D Forum

The next T&D Forum will take place on Wednesday, 5th February 2020 from 12.00 until 15.30.

Register your Interest

You can register for this event here.
This event is free of charge.

Which topics were covered at the last T&D Forum?
PowerPoint Presentations T&D Forum 2019

Lunch from 12.00
Presentation 1
  • How to run a successful T&D Scheme.
Breakout Session 1: Sharing Best Practice
(Suggested areas for discussion between delegates):
  • How to ensure quality control across multiple offices?
  • How to motivate trainees and make sure that they keep records?
  • Which changes to practices have made a positive impact on your company’s T&D scheme?
Presentation 2
  • What makes a good mentor-trainee relationship?
Breakout Session 2: Mentors and Trainees
(Suggested areas for discussion between delegates):
  • How to ensure that mentors and trainees meet regularly?
  • What support do you offer to help mentors develop their mentoring skills?
  • What is your feedback mechanism on the mentor-trainee relationship?
Introduction on T&D Schemes in the Digital Age
Breakout Session 3: How to run a T&D Scheme in the Digital Age?
(Suggested areas for discussion between delegates):
  • How does the future scheme look like and what can CIBSE learn from other institutions?
  • How can we make sure the scheme is user friendly?
Close at 15.30