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Natural Ventilation Group Past Presentations

Webinar on Understanding Performance Tests: 20 October 2015

A fundamental objective when designing a ventilation strategy is to establish the location and size of openings. Both factors depend on the airflow rates required through each ventilation opening in order to maintain adequate indoor air quality (IAQ) and to dissipate heat gains under limiting conditions. Accordingly, a description of the geometry of each opening and its resistance to airflow are required in order to enable a designer to establish the performance of a system using standard envelope flow models. 

The same information can also be used when working with more complex simulation tools to ensure that a building meets relevant energy and indoor environment quality criteria, such as IAQ, thermal comfort, overheating, and noise levels. The geometrical information and resistance to airflow of a specific ventilation opening can also be used to compare the relative aerodynamic performance of other ventilation openings. An incorrect interpretation of the resistance to flow through an opening can have serious consequences, such as inadequate airflow through a space with consequent overheating and/or air quality issues, or ventilation openings that are oversized and hence too expensive.


1. Roy Jones (Gilberts) 
2. Jerry Sipes (Price Industries)
3. David Clarke (Sound Research Laboratory) 
4. Mark Roper (BSRIA) 

Chair persons: Professor Shaun Fitzgerald (Cambridge University, Breathing Buildings) and Dr Benjamin Jones (University Of Nottingham).

Ventilation: The Once and Future King: 6 May 2015, University of Nottingham

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CIBSE Technical Symposium 2015: 16-17 April 2015

Visit the Technical Symposium 2015 microsite

Webinar on health and wellbeing: 12 February 2015

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Ventilative Cooling: using the cooling potential of ventilation to reduce energy use in buildings: 17 September 2014, Brunel University

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Modelling Air Movement: CFD Simulation vs. Experimental Methods: 30 April 2014

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