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10 April 2014: AGM & Resource Efficiency

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David Cheshire reviewed the new CIBSE TM 56 on Resource Efficiency. HCNW has maintained an interest in resources - Chris Jones gave a seminar on Oil Depletion and declining Energy Return on Energy Invested way back in 2005.


Explaining the major collaborative work with WRAP David highlighted how just the material resources - excluding the very complex energy component - were becoming more costly and in some cases, more scarce. One investor has highlighted how the prices of major resources - excluding oil - had declined until 2002, and then all of those cost reductions had been completely wiped out. 

David gave an enthralling and lively presentation much appreciated by HCNW members in our regular London location, Pushkin House. It was illustrated with examples of how often celebrated structures and services solutions were actually, not that resource-efficient.

TM56 broke new ground, with the first substantial research into the resource demands of building services -  impacts through manufacturing, construction, maintenance and finally disposing – and perhaps recycling - them. TM56 could NOT answer everything, energy invested was extremely complex, but it does highlight the proportion of steel, aluminium, plastics and copper – and at just the same time as we are gaining efficiency in motors and lamps through rare earth elements, the increasing demands for those.

Perhaps the question is about collaboration and a holistic view - getting the resource analysis in at an early stage in the WHOLE design, rather than presenting a justification of the concept once that analysis is requested...