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11 May 2015: HCNW Membership Evening

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As promised, HCNW ran a Membership Evening in a tranquil community centre atmosphere, a Quaker Centre in Milton Keynes. But what was striking was not only interest in progression to further accreditation through CIBSE, but also the way the Region can engage and encourage personal development.


HCNW, represented by Chair Chris Jones and Secretary Iain Clarke generated discussion after an informative presentation explaining everything you could want to know about progressing CIBSE Membership and EC accreditation from Membership Director Carilyn Clements. All the information about progression, a major keynote of the evening, is in the CIBSE guidance found on the website. 

Regions were well-promoted in HQ's presentation - as part of CIBSE's outreach. Notably, there were some excellent technical and industry questions from those who attended, even a mention of Transition Towns. Business cards naturally exchanged afterwards, and a truly engaging evening in a great venue - which is what the Regions are all about.