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11 November 2014: CDM in MK

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At a new Central Milton Keynes venue Gillian Birkby, legal advisor to the Association for Project Safety, led a wide-ranging workshop style debate on the new CDM Regulations - although many important aspects are still crystallising. There looks to be a very tight political timetable to thoroughly resolving those questions and brief the industry before the next Election. We wondered if CDM 2015 might slip back to October 2015. 

Gillian commented on the differences between the new CDM duties when undertaking work for domestic clients, which has been a UK divergence from the EC Mobile Sites Directive. We also discussed the targetting facilities that BIM could bring to FM, at the least for new buildings and the various learning experiences from CDM 2007. 


Gillian's accompanying presentation is up on this website for reference. Many thanks Gillian.

HCNW was pleased to meet CIBSE Members in MK. We listened to what was desired from regional events too. The charitable venue works well near the station and we hope to be back with a blue sky workshop in 2015.