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16 June 2015: HCNW - in Committee

Your CIBSE Region is run by volunteers. They not only give their time freely but all those human connections mean that each committee year is different. All those different people in Region committees paint a moving image of the character of your Region - reflecting the latest ideas in your community of practice, pursuing the art and science but at a very human level, seeking to expertly represent the best interests of CIBSE members in the Region.

The Region committee met in our regular London venue, Pushkin House. The two hour meeting reviewed not only our events for the coming 12 months, but also how Regions like HCNW can act like reconnaissance for future issues which affect our community, bringing out the key issues through debate and technical seminars.

Those events are up on the CIBSE website and our Eventbrite platform and speak for themselves. Your committee seeks to respond to what we hear, what we see at our events and we then learn. Seeing our members increasingly engaged not only with the technical content but in conversation and networking is a great reward. Consequently there's tremendous energy to harness and your committee is buzzing with ideas.   

The Region is about community - and people. Building on HCNW's ever more cohesive community, the Committee planned the launch of the Region's latest projects: the Region tie (classic and narrow versions) and the Region pin badge, a unisex alternative. Both have been very well-received throughout CIBSE. So make the identity connection - available to all in our Region through our Eventbrite platform. 


Lots more ideas are crystallising for future events looking ahead in times of great change, and we acknowledge the contribution of everyone on the Committee, and in HCNW Classic.