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18 September 2014: CDM 2015

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Gillian Birkby, Legal Advisor the Association for Project Safety, gave a fascinating presentation of the existing CDM 2007 and a very different model of CDM vaunted in the consultation for 2015. It was studded with examples from caselaw and a great illustration of why designers in fact, need to know as much as today's CDM-Cs.

And the way the new regulations are being written not only places much more emphasis on consideration for Facilities Management - how a design will be operated and maintained - the wording could also provide a strong evidence and default chain that could be revisited later.


But looks like the CDM-C role will disappear, to be replaced by a Principal Designer with a wide range of responsibilities. As usual there's a default if a Principal Designer isn't appointed. Most significantly, CDM 2015 is having to extend the management aspects (yes, design responsibilities have always been there) to domestic projects.

The CDM event was a rapid sell-out - we had to turn some people away but had some empty seats. So if you book for any regional event please attend, or cancel your ticket (easy on our Eventbrite platform), or let us know; we really don't want to have to prioritise tickets in future.

But HCNW is running the same evening - with even more insight into the crystallising regulations - in Milton Keynes, close to the station. A more detailed report will appear after that one.