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20 October 2014: New Events Programme

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HCNW has published its events programme right out to October 2015 on the Eventbrite platform, which simplifies bookings and provides communication, registration and detailed booking/attendance analysis.  


Just some of the exciting HCNW Events: a lighting paper and experience all about colour Colourdome HCNW, through to a seminar by the CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group Intelligent Buildings - A Surprising Introduction 

There will be more site visits and another community technical event added soon.

The Region's events are:

Modern, public, freely open - and welcoming - to all
Freely published and accessible to anyone online
Advertised to all months in advance
Valuable for professional development - and tomorrow's projects
Look at major issues in an uncertain world
Also do the detailed technology
Help develop "well-rounded engineers"
Are not commercially-dominated
Even make space for the general public
Wide range of speakers and interesting debates - a HCNW speciality
Professional networking, interest and sociable environment
A way of feeding your ideas into CIBSE

We have a joint event with WiBSE - Women in Building Services Engineering: HCNW-WiBSE Joint Event  

HCNW has developed the Membership Survey for anyone in the CIBSE Home Counties Regions and the raffle prizes (choice of skidpan or dinner tickets) will be awarded in March 2015. It was a great success last year, so why not enter?  

For all enquiries about bookings or tickets you hold for CIBSE HCNW Events, including ways to contact the volunteers who arrange the programme, please Go to CIBSE HCNW on Eventbrite