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22 October 2014: Competences

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This working group consists of Terry Giles, David Stevens, Eddie Warren, Jo Harris, Sarah Davis and Chris Jones (HCNW). The group is drafting proposed exemplars - typical achievements which show how candidates meet the UKSPEC Competences, also the Competences for for Licentiate, Associate and Member.

The group's brief is to propose exemplars which are inclusive for those in the Facilities Management community, as well as design. Whole-life is clearly an area where the FM community has particular expertise.  

HCNW drafted exemplars for the E Section (Professional standards, obligations to society, profession, environment) which the working group accepted without change, including ideas for the all-new E5 Competence.
After a final review CIBSE FM will propose these exemplars to the CIBSE Membership and Registration Panel.

CIBSE HCNW has also arranged a seminar and debate in conjunction with CIBSE-FM and BSRIA in October 2015. Book here for for Designing for Life - Whole Life