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24 November 2015: The Francis Crick Institute

Services supporting new multi-disciplinary science research

HCNW was pleased to welcome Steven Berry of Arup who delivered a lively and informative overview of The Francis Crick Institute - a new 82,000sqm building for 1500 scientists and support personnel.They work for a client organisation representing Cancer Research UK,  Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust, UCL, Imperial College and Kings College London.


The Institute is set up to carry out research aimed at tackling cancer, heart disease, strokes, neurodegenerative conditions and infectious diseases.

Costing around £650million, the Institute covers 12 storeys - 4 below ground and 8 above ground.
Steven outlined the large scale of the building - it has a 140 mx 65m building footprint, rising to 50m above ground with 15m below ground level.

The building electrical supply is around 15MVA, and the building cooling load 12MW. Steven described the main design challenges being energy, acoustic, environmental, and vibration compliance requirements given the a city centre location - next to two large stations. More specialist suites consist of 1,000sqm CL3/CL3+ high containment laboratories and 35,000 sqm of general research laboratories, plus 12,000sqm of biological research facilities.


Steven presented general floor layouts and explained the services design requirements. The laboratory areas require specialist MEP knowledge of current practice and Home Office requirements. Complex services required some interstitial plant levels. Planning issues at initial design required the angular structure to be sympathetic with St Pancras station and the British Library.

HCNW thanks Steven and Arup for sharing another fascinating account for the Region's series exploring behind the scenes in MEP design.