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30 October 2015: Visit to Biogen AD-CHP Facility

Bygrave Biodigester

With a beautiful sunset as the backdrop, Biogen generously provided CIBSE HCNW with a full tour of this anaerobic digestion plant. We were pleased to welcome Gary Mann from CIBSE HCNE. The plant breaks down animal or plant matter - food waste - into biogas and biofertiliser in a sealed oxygen-free digester. The gas runs two large CHP sets on the site. After pasteurisation the biofertiliser replaces fossil-fuel derived products, applied to farmland twice a year.


We toured the handling hall, a telehandler moving supermarket waste. Bygrave processes 45,000 tons of food and food production waste each year and the CHP sets generate 2.6MW, enough to power 4500 households. Gas is held in the sphere and at seasonal times of high household wastage, some gas needs to be flared and there are proposals to find alternative sinks for this.

Our thanks to Biogen and the site staff for such an interesting and inspiring visit.