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5 November 2014: Mentoring

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CIBSE HCNW was well-represented at the London Mentoring Workshop. Chris Jones and Graham Hennessy contributed ideas to discussion, which ranged from defining mentoring - as opposed to coaching - through to the next steps CIBSE could take to establish a more formal programme.

Even in the era of social media, the Regions have a great role to play in mentoring, because they're about direct human interaction. Regions can offer CIBSE Members congenial networking and above all continuity, regardless of employer.


People you meet in the Regions can become long-term accredited contacts for sponsoring applications, become professional colleagues - sometimes, even lifelong friends. These are advantages HCNW has highlighted for some time. The Region welcomes the research and the new mentoring scheme, looking forward to further developments.

HCNW has a joint event with WiBSE in February 2015 provided by a specialist trainer: book here for Work, Career and Inclusivity