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9 April 2015: AGM and Seismic Design Seminar

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Our room was packed for the HCNW AGM and Design for Seismic Zones seminar, presented by Martin Devici of Acrefine, accompanied by sample MEPH components. We attracted several professionals from other disciplines and were pleased to welcome back CIBSE Past-President George Adams, CIBSE Board Member Catherine Simpson and IET Surrey Chair Amy Longo.


Martin's well-condensed talk was illustrated with examples of failures and buildings which carried on through seismic events, including Haiti and Christchurch NZ. But the same resilience categorisation logic could and should be applied for other disturbances and where essential services are located, Martin also looking at Fukushima Daiichi.

Ductility in mountings, reinforcement of base rails and caged mounts both for lateral restraint were seen to be critical. Despite a wide range of restraint and mounting details for plant and equipment, a particularly important question emerged from the HCNW audience about underground services, Martin explaining that while soil types are accounted for, there are few details for buried services. Altogether an absorbing introduction, the Region expresses its thanks to Martin and Acrefine.


The Region ran its usual illustrated review of the year, the Secretary's Report and Treasurer's Report, having run 21 events, almost entirely in charitable venues.


Corporate membership of CIBSE checked, voting slips distributed and the quorum satisfied the Region handed over all the proceedings to an independent Returning Officer, Mr Tudor Allen. Further candidates for election were invited from the floor. No conflicts of interest with regional representation were declared. Each committee role was individually elected in turn, without any objection to any candidate.

Your HCNW Committee for the year 2015-2016 are:

Chair                           Chris Jones
Vice Chair                   Athina Papakosta
Secretary                    Iain Clarke
Treasurer                   Graham Hennessy
Vice-Treasurer          Xohan Duran
Committee:                Rashmi Patel
                                     Peter Little
                                     Mehmet Ozturk
                                     Sophie Parry
                                     Jack Wardale
                                     Kevin Barrett

Recognising the need to bring on new committee members and yet retain decades of experience and regional history, the HCNW Classic committee will support the main committee with advice. On invitation by the Committee and in some circumstances, members of HCNW Classic may also represent the Region. All nominations were elected without objection:

HCNW Classic           Mike Smith
                                      Richard Seagrief
                                      Mike Goodwin
                                      Robin Williams

The Region also expresses its thanks to Andrew Tatham who served on the Committee over the year and also to Arina, Kati and Igor at Pushkin House. The usual lively networking continued well after the meeting over food, wine and a new HCNW introduction, bottled Belgian and British beer.