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March 2015: HCNW Elections

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Your CIBSE Region is run by volunteers, not staff. These Nominations have so far been received for election at the 9 April AGM at Pushkin House. These are open elections, there is no packaged committee - but the Region does seek to engage as many of its volunteer candidates as possible.  

Please Register to attend the 9 April 2015 AGM at Pushkin House, Bloomsbury, London.

Elections for the Home Counties North West Committee
Our candidates' thoughts on why they volunteered to stay the course and what they would seek to achieve. These are their own views, not necessarily the views of CIBSE or CIBSE Home Counties North West: 

Chris Jones
"...Regions are important for representation but people you meet can become lifelong friends, so thanks for the last two years as Chair. I’d like to see HCNW keep on promoting new ideas and debating about the future - how this new era and the bigger picture on resources affect society and CIBSE Members, just as much as the technology and regulation of building services engineering."

Rashmi Patel
‘’...The reason for me becoming a HCNW Committee member is quite simple – I want give back to the society what it has provided me. In any capacity I can, I will be able assist the committee to the best of ability and expertise’’.

Athina Papakosta
"...Keep up the good work HCNW has been doing with events and seminars on interesting and diverse topics accompanied by networking for a more personalised and ground-up approach to being a CIBSE Member."

Jack Wardale
"...I will if elected help HCNW to maintain and develop the positive effect the Region is having for Graduate and Intermediate Engineers."

Iain Clarke
"...If elected I would like to continue the integration of Young Engineers Network (YEN), Women in Building Services Engineering (WiBSE) and other Specialist Groups in HCNW events; seek further opportunities to integrate with neighbouring Home Counties Regions; and inspire interest in the exciting exploits of engineering from the wider public, including the next generation."

Sophie Parry
"...If elected I would be keen to develop talks and workshops on lighting technology developments, quality and efficiency- this would neatly dovetail into the large SLL undertaking at present to update and add to the LG series."

Kevin Barrett
"...For the next year I would like to see an emphasis on the relationship between operating and project disciplines so that each can understand the other's perspectives and gain from the discussion.  CIBSE can be at the centre of creating these links through meetings and discussions to create that forum as a common exchange."

Mehmet Ozturk
"...I'd like to promote specialist talks about legislation and its impacts for practising engineers; focus on new products and practices to compliment above; lobbying to raise the status of engineers in society - similar to other countries where children look up to engineering as profession to benefit the community as whole - since engineers are wealth creators; and finally I'd like to see some more HCNW social events, perhaps a Thames Boat Trip."

Graham Hennessy
"...I would, if elected, like to continue to fly the CIBSE electrical services banner and support HCNW by serving, I hope, as your Treasurer."

Peter Little
"...I would be glad, if elected, to add my ideas for Region events - including FM - to the new HCNW Committee."    

Xohan Duran
"...If elected, I'd like HCNW to carry on seeking out new possibilities, boldly exploring for events and topics that haven't been covered before, a Region which is an up-to-date forum for Members to discuss current issues in building services engineering, in energy, and how people use buildings."

Manny Stone (Lighting/SLL)
"...In this International Year of Light I would like to maintain the high calibre of speakers and topical subjects that the Lighters in Home Counties North West have come to expect - particularly for those that live or work outside London."  
And Elections for Home Counties North West Classic...
Nominations for HCNW Classic acknowledge the strong support of some long-serving Committee Members, who wish to stand for election and be involved, but in a more advisory capacity than before, supporting the new Committee.

HCNW Classic also welcomes younger members with time constraints, who would like to understand the Region's history and how it operates, and make a contribution. These are the nominations:

Mike Smith
"...Having been involved in the HCNW Region Committee for over 20 years, I'd like to offer any help I can, but in HCNW Classic, one step removed from the main committee functions." 

Richard Seagrief
"...Likewise, I wish to see the next generation of HCNW Region Members stepping up to the Committee and HCNW Classic would allow me to help. I think it's also important that HCNW continues to explore issues beyond the populist, everyday ones." 

Mike Goodwin
"...Similarly, after many worthwhile years on the Committee I want HCNW to go on flourishing. If elected I'll help with advice, supporting the new Committee in driving things forward."

Robin Williams
"...If I'm elected to HCNW Classic, I'd like to bring a craft and young engineer perspective to the Region's strong history. It's warming to see HCNW developing into a cohesive social group as well as being a professional community. I'd like to see the social aspect go further - with extra events open to partners and friends."