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Past Presentations

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CIBSE Home Counties Conference 29 April 2014 - Building our Future Cities - Sustainable Future Cities: What do they mean and where are we going?

View the presentations and discussions held at this CIBSE Home Counties Conference at The Ethical Society, Conway Hall, London on 29 April 2014. Organised entirely by CIBSE HCNW with funding from CIBSE and CIBSE Patrons, supported by HCSW, HCSE and HCNE the aim was achieved. This event inspired debate among forward-looking consultants and client-side engineers about more sustainable - and more resilient - cities.

From resources to economics; from behavioural change to climate change impacts; from connecting specialists and productivity to flooding and resource dependencies, from making cities healthier places to transport and comunities, the Home Counties Conference started the ball rolling, asking questions which are not easy to answer, but a quest we need to achieve.