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UAE Committee

Introducing the CIBSE UAE Regional Committee for 2017-18.  Please feel free to contact any of the committee members should you wish to know more about CIBSE and their activities within the UAE.

Chair: Raef Hammoudeh
Vice Chair: Hassan Ali Younes
Hon Secretary: Dr. Hasim Altan
Hon Treasurer: Vacant
Membership Secretary: Issam Hammad
Local Liaison Azmi Aboul-Hoda
Technical Reid Donovan
Raef Hammoudeh
Barrie Harmsworth
Azmi Aboul-Hoda
Isaac Coker
Michael Dalton
Jim Sebastian
Aly Diab
Adam Smith
EPG Representative: Sophie Chisholm
WiBSE Representative: Farah Naz
SLL Lighting Representative Chris Ackers
YEN Representative: Imran Sheikh
SoPHE Representative: Adrew Russell
Other Committee members:

Abu Dhabi Chapter

Idris Sudi

If you would like to apply for any of the vacant committee positions please contact Raef Hammoudeh on