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Yorkshire Committee

Introducing the CIBSE Yorkshire Regional Committee for 2017-18. Please feel free to contact any of the committee members should you wish to know more about CIBSE and their activities within Yorkshire.

Chair: Simon Owen
Vice Chairs: Rob Gill
Mark Connor
Hon Treasurers: Stephen Goodhead
Mark Connor
Social Secretary: Colin Wilson
Regional Almoner: Michael Leninhan
Hon Secretary: Vacant
Programme Secretary: Vacant
Webmaster: Simon Owen
Lighting Representatives: Dan Lister
Nick Howard
Education and Training Officer: Matt Whittington
Membership Officer: Gareth Congleton
Hon Independent Examiners: David Corrall
YEN Chair: Paul Binns
YEN Vice Chair: Luke Mitchell
YEN Vice Chair: Raymond Knights
YEN Social Media: Julia Scholes
Kayley Lockhead
Other Committee members:
Alison Ryan
Jim Wild
Lukasz Olbromski
Steven Sutcliffe
Neil Chaplin
John Bird
John Ward
Matt Whittington

If you would be interested in finding out more about joining the Yorkshire Region committee or another CIBSE committee then please contact