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CIBSE Training Blogs

Get an insight in our training courses, CIBSE trainer interviews and what the training team are up to in our CIBSE Training blogs:

Keep track of your employees’ development remotely *New

"Companies were focusing their efforts in adapting to the current situation in the short term but are now looking to the future to keep their market position ahead of their competition. This includes keeping your employees’ knowledge updated and skills sharp by providing them with training. But how can you keep track of your employees’ development remotely?" Read more

What training looks like in this new ‘normal’

"With the ongoing COVID-19 situation our ‘normal’ lives might seem like they are on pause, and our opportunities for personal and professional development have disappeared, however, CIBSE, as a leading authority in building services engineering, is still prioritising its duty to support its members, and the wider building services community, during these uncertain times." Read more

A short interview with… Geoff Prudence, trainer of the new Introduction to Management, Communication and Leadership course

“It is often stated that people should be further supported and have more training before moving into their first management position, particularly in a technical environment.” Read more

Creating a positive learning experience: the online learning user journey

“Learning should be an exciting journey. However, sometimes it feels like a chore and people avoid spending time on it. 
I didn’t want this to be the case with our CIBSE online learning modules, so together with the training team, we aimed to create an interactive journey for our users and avoid giving them any reason to yawn due to boredom.”​ Read more


An interview with... Carl Collins, the author of ‘DE8: Project Information Requirements’

“The concept of asking simple, plain-language questions of supply chains is a relatively new concept. Traditionally, a basic specification and conversation would be had between the design team and the employer to ascertain what sort of asset was required, then information would be fed back to the employer at various stages during the project.”​ Read more


Who are the CIBSE trainers? Now you can discover their background experience, hobbies, passion for building services and teaching in our ‘Get to know your CIBSE trainers' interview blog series.

Gary Marshall, Electrical Services Explained trainer

“I am a very passionate individual and strive for excellence in every part of the Project build process. Attention to detail is key to the successful delivery of any Project.”​ Read more

Kevin Noyce, Building Services Explained trainer

“I found working in the electrical industry very interesting as it involved liaising with many different trades so gave me an in depth understanding of how Building Services operate.” Read more

Geoff Prudence, Effective Management of Operational Risk in Buildings trainer

“Get involved wherever you can, ask for help and learn wherever you can. Find an area that you are really interested in and makes you Fired up, and enjoy every opportunity, you are at work along time.” Read more

Martin Woolley, Essentials of Electrical Systems and Safety Awareness trainer

“I was made redundant from my last industry role and I still want to pass on my knowledge and experience to the engineers of the future. I also believe that the courses offered by CIBSE are high class and very informative.” Read more

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