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Core Engineering

CIBSE currently offer a suite of Core Engineering modules; each module consisting of four to seven hours’ worth of content with quizzes to test your knowledge and additional resources. 

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Designed by a collaborative group of key building services consultancies and contractors, the CIBSE Online Learning modules offers a practical, flexible and convenient alternative to face to face courses. These units allow you to take a coordinated journey through individual topics or a series of topics, finishing by testing your knowledge with interactive activity pages. Each module is worth 7 hours of CPD Training.

Cable Sizing | CPD hours: 7 Cable Sizing feedback
This course employs a cable sizing template that acts as a visual checklist for the necessary design decisions and calculations to meet the requirements of BS 7671:2018.
Introduction to Mechanical & Electrical Building Services feedbackIntroduction to Mechanical & Electrical Building Services | CPD hours: 7 
This course covers areas of mechanical services such as heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and their control.
Hot & Chilled Water Pipework Systems | CPD hours: 7 Hot & Chilled Water Pipework Systems feedback
This course prepares engineers for the process of designing a complete pipework system for delivering heating or chilled water to terminal units in buildings.
Low Voltage Distribution | CPD hours: 7
The module covers both the principles and practices of electrical power distribution from the optimum location for the main electrical intake position through to the choice of power distribution systems and their containment. It also introduces the use of essential and non-essential supplies and the possible choices for standby electrical supplies.

Heating Systems Design | CPD hours: 7
This course is primarily intended for junior to intermediate engineers who are being asked to design a heating system for the first time.

Lighting Design | CPD hours: 7
The aim of this module is to give engineers/project managers with little or no lighting design experience a better understanding of, and become confident in, the use of design methods for indoor lighting applications. 

Ventilation Design | CPD hours: 7 Ventilation Design Feedback
This module takes you through the needs for the building, making full use of current design guides and codes of practice, as well as the necessary design calculations. This will help you to make informed choices that are based on sound economic and engineering principles.

High Voltage Distribution | CPD hours: 7
This module aims to provide an excellent introduction to both 11kV and 33kV systems and takes you through: the choice of distribution systems, the comparison of SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers and the required characteristics and necessary operation settings for the protection relays and more.
Electrical Commissioning & Testing | CPD hours: 7
Looks at the basics of commissioning of the following items as an aid to understanding the commissioning processes involved (by others, usually the manufacturer or a specialist contractor), rather than an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Commissioning & Testing of Mechanical Services | CPD hours: 7 Commissioning & Testing of Mechanical Services feedback
The Commissioning and Testing of Mechanical Services explains the main commissioning activities required for air and water circulation systems and details not only the design issues, but also what valves, dampers and flow measurement devices are required to allow the system to be commissioning correctly. 

Above Ground Drainage | CPD hours: 7 Above Ground Drainage feedback
This course deals with the pipework installation within a building that carries away waste water from sanitary fittings including WCs, wash basins, showers, sinks and floor gullies.



Adapted from CIBSE's classic face-to-face courses, these online alternatives will provide you with access to the same content in the form of recorded video sessions. Benefit from our knowledgeable trainers and valuable course content at your own pace, from the comfort of your own space. Each course is worth 4-5 hours of CPD Training.

Mechanical Services Overview | 4 CPD hours
This course will cover the principles of design and loading calculations for mechanical services and the influence of carbon reduction and sustainability on the selection of systems and plant. 

Fire Sprinkler Systems to BS EN 12845 | 4 CPD hour
This course covers sprinkler system components; hazard classification; design requirements; water supplies; types of sprinkler; spacing & location of sprinkler heads; piping layout & sizing.

Practical Controls for HVAC Systems | 4 CPD hours
This course concentrates on achieving the deliverable rather than explaining control theory. How do we control different systems? What are we trying to achieve? What equipment is used and how does it work? Suitable for all engineers involved in the design and maintenance of HVAC systems.

Energy Monitoring and Targeting | 4 CPD hours
This course looks at the basic principles of identifying information sources and using that data to expand the organisation’s understanding of what is happening related to the consumption of utilities and the output of the organisation.

Building Services Overview | 4 CPD hours 
This course looks through the different types of heating and cooling systems available for both commercial and domestic complexes, includes guidance on effective maintenance and management of building services and pertinant legislation affecting building services. It is an ideal course for those who have found themselves in the position of the maintenance and management of domestic or commercial building services but without formal training.


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