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Lighting Courses

Lighting is a fundamental part of any building project and building services professionals who are interested in this area will need a sound technical understanding in order to progress. CIBSE Training has a selection of lighting focused courses that will provide you with the knowledge and skills to maintain a sharp outlook on this particular facet of building services. Course topics include Light & Energy Efficiency and How to Specify Lighting.


Emergency Lighting to Comply with Fire Safety

Learning formats available:

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

Classroom | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 7

The course covers use of current standards to demonstrate compliance with fire safety legislation. It describes design techniques, installation procedures and testing requirements. Details are given of the guidance now provided in BS 5266-10, to assist engineers to produce appropriate systems that can demonstrate compliance with the Fire Safety Order covering emergency lighting, not only for evacuation but to safeguard occupants who have to perform safety related duties in a lighting supply failure.

To assure participants are appropriately trained in line with BAFE Scheme SP203 Part 4, the course includes a short questionnaire at the end of each of the 4 sections, ensuring delegates are assessed as a competent person to BAFE SP203 standard to carry out works in this area.


In-House Only Courses 

Training multiple staff at once provides the opportunity for your organisation to have a training package crafted to your specific needs. In-house training can help your organisation overcome challenges and fill the skills gaps in your workforce. Courses run on a minimum number of six staff*.

For an In-house quote please email the following information to

  1. Name of course
  2. Approximate number of staff
  3. Your site address  

*Minimum numbers for In-house courses outside of the UK may vary

Lighting Design: Principles and Application

Days: 1
CPD hours: 7

This course will include and discuss the mandatory and advisory aspects of artificial and natural lighting and their design for buildings and their immediate surrounds. This will include health and safety, effects and benefits to end users, workplace users and the safeguards to neighbours, the environment and local ecology.

Lighting: Legislation & Energy Efficiency

Days: 1
CPD hours: 7

It is well established that human beings needs light for life and for carrying out visual tasks in the workplace, at home and in places for leisure. The light for this visual activity can be natural (daylight) and artificial (electric). To help in the reduction of carbon emissions, artificial lighting needs to be efficient. This can be achieved with the right lighting scheme and controls system.

Corporate Training

Training multiple staff at once provides the opportunity for your organisation to have a training package crafted to your specific needs.

Discover the options available to suit your company.

Need a flexible alternative to classroom learning?

CIBSE currently offer Engineering Core Modules each consisting of seven hours worth of content with quizzes to test your knowledge and additional resources that can be accessed at any time. Once completed you will receive a certificate of completion. Visit Online Learning to find out more.

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