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CIBSE Silver Medallists for 2022

CIBSE Silver Medallists 2022

For an individual in connection with one or more of the following: significant contribution to the work of the Institution through a Standing Committee, Panel, the role of champion and/or a Region, Society, Group or Network; significant technical contribution (for example via Institution publications); representation on a national or international industry committee, e.g. Engineering Council, CIC, ETB, REHVA.

Awarded by the President at the President’s Awards Dinner. Proposer (or Board Member in their absence) will be invited to present a summary of the proposal. 

Tony Sung CEng FCIBSE

Left to right: Kevin Mitchell, CIBSE President; Tony Sung CEng FCIBSE; Leon Markwell MCIBSE.

Tony Sung CEng FCIBSE was awarded a silver medal and his citation was read by Leon Markwell. In 1981, Tony taught the first MSc building services degree course in the UK, at Heriot-Watt University. He developed the first MSc sustainable electrical building services engineering course. Tony was Chair of the CIBSE Electrical Services Group, a CIBSE Board member, a membership interviewer, and an accreditation panel member.

President, Members of the institution, Honoured Guests, ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure as Chair of the CIBSE Electrical Services Group to present the citation for the award of the CIBSE Silver Medal to Dr Tony Sung.

Tony started his electrical services engineering career in 1981 working as the first graduate trainee engineer with Drake and Scull Ltd, he was made a senior project electrical engineer after he gained CEng MCIBSE in 1986.

He then received an MSc scholarship from Nottingham University. In 1987, under the direction of late Professor John Swaffield (a CIBSE past president) he taught at Heriot-Watt University the first MSc building services degree course in the UK.

In 1992, Tony become Chairman of the CIBSE Electrical Services Group. He then moved to UMIST (now Manchester University) where he and Professor Levermore received a £500k EPSRC Master Training Package grant and developed the very first and successful MSc Sustainable Electrical Building Services Engineering course.

In his career Tony has been an external examiner for building services academic courses, a visiting professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a CIBSE Board member, a membership interviewer and an accreditation panel member. For over 25 years, Tony has brought a wealth of management, technical and professional leadership skills to CIBSE as a volunteer.

This summer he stepped down from the Chair of Electrical Services Group but will continue to represent CIBSE on several British Standards technical committees to contribute to the revision and development of a plethora of BS and BS EN standards. He is also now Chair of BSi committees PEL/99 and GEL/600. Tony is a CEng, FCIBSE, FIET and a Senior Member of IEEE.

To Tony, thank you for your continual willing assistance to your colleagues and students and your contributions to advance and promote electrical building services engineering for CIBSE and all her members for all these years. Therefore, President, may I present to you for the award of the institutions silver medal Tony Sung.


David Stevens CEng FCIBSE

Left to right: Kevin Mitchell, CIBSE President; David Stevens CEng FCIBSE; Sebastian Gray.

David Stevens CEng FCIBSE’s citation was read by Sebastian Gray. David serves on the CIBSE Board, is vice chair and secretary of the FM Group, and a membership interviewer. He is a leading author for CIBSE Guide M and was awarded a presidential commendation in 2021 for his contribution to CIBSE’s Emerging from Lockdown series. Dn 2021 for his contribution to CIBSE’s Emerging from Lockdown series. 

Having joined CIBSE in 1993, David Stevens has achieved the highest membership grade of Fellow, is a Chartered Engineer, a European Engineer and a fellow of other recognised organisations including IHEEM and IWFM.

David serves on the CIBSE board and as vice chair & secretary of the FM group, alongside being both a judge of the CIBSE awards and interviewer for membership.

Previous to this he served on CIBSE’s Resilient Cities Group, Mentoring Working Group, Diversity Panel and Inclusivity Panel. David was on the SLL Education and Membership Committee and in 2014 led a CIBSE FM Task Group which reviewed and submitted recommendations for changes to CIBSE evidence / competence criteria for UKSPEC, in relation to Operational Engineers. He has also presented at Build2Perform and the Technical Symposium.

And there is more, David is ONE of the lead authors for the review of CIBSE Guide M, and in 2021 was awarded a presidential commendation for his contribution to CIBSE’s Emerging from Lockdown Series.

His impressive achievements continue beyond his dedication to CIBSE and to the industry as a whole where he is a lead judge for IWFM, the Building Controls Industry Association and Green Sky Thinking Week. David serves as deputy chair of BIM4FM and chair of the Rumford Club.

David also understands the importance of helping the next generation. During his time in the industry, he has mentored numerous CEng, IEng and EngTech candidates. Presented at STEM events at a secondary school and is a guest lecturer at UCL.

Like those David has supported and many others that know him, I look at David as a mentor and exemplar of what a professional building services engineer should be. I’m even prouder to call him a friend and in my view he is deserving of the CIBSE Silver Medal for his years of continued dedication to CIBSE and the industry.

Gary Jones CEng FCIBSE

Left to right: Kevin Mitchell, CIBSE President; Gary Jones CEng FCIBSE;  Peter Prentice CEng MCIBSE

Gary Jones CEng FCIBSE’s citation was read by Peter Prentice. Gary was CIBSE Southern Region Chair twice. He was instrumental in establishing the YEN Southern Region group in 2014. Gary is actively involved in the CIBSE Education and Learning Group and is currently Chair of Constructing Excellence Hampshire.

I thought long and hard about the terminology I would use in this citation however Gary is a bit of “legend” within the CIBSE Southern Region. He has actively led and supported the activities of CIBSE in the region for nearly 3 decades.

Gary’s commitment is unsurpassed within the region and he has been, and remains, an inspiration not only to aspiring engineers but also some of us that are a little longer in the tooth.

Gary has served two terms of office as Southern Region Chair initially in 2002-2004 and then again in 2012-2014 and remains a highly active committee member.

Gary significantly contributed to the INTEREG programme in 1997-1999, where he presented at Rouen University “Engineering Education in UK” and routes to CIBSE Membership and also the Durabuild programmes in 2004 with Universities of Brighton and Rouen.

Gary has a true passion for inspiring and supporting the next generation of engineers and this can be seen through his tireless efforts with the YEN southern region group. Gary was instrumental in establishing the YEN group in 2014 and remains highly actively supporting and guiding Liv Stokes, one of our up and coming southern region stars.

Gary is technically astute and interested in all things building services, over the years he has provided a number of technical presentations at the southern region technical meetings including;

  • Use of bore hole water for cooling within high efficiency AHU linked to displacement ventilation system – cooling without a refrigeration cycle
  • chilled ceilings within a banking dealing area plus energy efficiency issues including free cooling chiller, run around coils and lighting control.
  • Bio-mass and bio-oil heating: comparative case studies
  • A number of refurbishment case studies and student critique session

Gary is also actively involved in the CIBSE Education and Learning Group and is currently the Chair of Constructing Excellence Hampshire until the end of 2022 as part of the restart group post Covid.

It is therefore truly my honour to bare witness to the recognition and celebration of an inspirational engineer who inspires others and embodies the virtues and values of CIBSE.


Left to right: Kevin Mitchell, CIBSE President; Paul Angus CEng FCIBSE FSoPHE; Mark Crawford.

Paul Angus CEng FCIBSE FSoPHE was awarded a Silver Medal with a citation read by Mark Crawford. Paul has more than 20 years’ experience leading and managing complex projects, with his key discipline being in hydraulics (public health) engineering. He has been a volunteer on CIBSE committees since 2006, being CIBSE New South Wales chair, and ANZ chair, and is currently ANZ treasurer.

Paul has more than 20 years’ experience in the construction and engineering industry leading and managing complex projects across public and private sectors. 

His key discipline is within Hydraulics (Public Health) Engineering, and he has good understanding building services engineering. Paul has worked and led on iconic projects in Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, including complex university buildings, high rise commercial landmark projects, defence and aviation projects, retail projects, and rail projects.

Paul has been involved in a voluntary capacity with CIBSE committee since 2006, across the North West of England, Scotland and now in NSW, Australia.  Highlights include:

  • 2006 - 2010: CIBSE – Society of Public Health Engineers (SoPHE) North West Facilitator
  • 2010 - 2012: CIBSE - Society of Public Health Engineers (SoPHE) Scotland Facilitator (co-created with Joe Henry and Dr. Lynne Jack)
  • 2013 - 2017: CIBSE NSW Chair
  • 2014 - 2017: CIBSE ANZ Honorary Secretary
  • 2017 – 2020: CIBSE ANZ Honorary Chair
  • 2022 – Present: CIBSE ANZ Hon. Treasurer

Being truly passionate in his role in building services engineering, he regularly shares his knowledge by way of thought leadership articles, presentations and mentoring of younger team members. Paul also hosts the CIBSE ANZ Podcast – Talking Buildings and is regarded as a key influencer and connector in the Building Services Industry.  In 2017, Paul also created the CIBSE ANZ online magazine, Engineering Buildings, which he oversaw the editing and publishing of thought leadership articles for the ANZ region.

Quite a list of achievements. I am sure you can clearly see why Paul thoroughly deserves this silver medal as a wonderful acknowledgement of his incredible work for CIBSE over the last 16 years.

Congratulations Paul.

Left to right: Kevin Mitchell, CIBSE President; Martin Liddament FCIBSE; Chris Iddon CEng MCIBSE

Martin Liddament FCIBSE’s citation was read by Chris Iddon. Martin joined the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre or AIVC in 1980, becoming its head in 1986. He has contributed to several of CIBSE’s publications including Guide A, B and Applications Manual 10. He began publishing the International Journal of Ventilation in 2001, editing it for 14 years.

In 1980 Martin joined the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre or AIVC, and became its head in 1986. The AIVC operated an international library of technical information on ventilation and produced technical reports, such as the GU03 Guide to Ventilation. Martin has himself described his time with the AIVC as an opportunity to understand the diverse range of international ventilation needs, especially in relation to climate conditions, and building construction techniques. Knowledge that he has shared through his numerous contributions to many of the CIBSE’s key documents, such as Guides A and B, and Applications Manual 10. His name also appears on many of the supporting references.

In 2001 Martin left the AIVC and founded VEETECH Limited where he began publishing the International Journal of Ventilation which he edited for 14 years. It remains the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to ventilation issues and has subscriptions in over 30 countries.

I came to know Martin in around 2013 when I joined the Natural Ventilation special interest group, which he chaired. He would impart his extensive knowledge acquired over, what is now, 45 years in the field for which I, and I have no doubt that there are many other like me, am very grateful.

Martin retired in 2017 to long walks and leisurely glasses of wine, but has continued to be an active member of the natural ventilation group who supported this nomination. I’m sure you will all agree with me that this Silver Medal is a just reward for a career of influence and excellence.

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