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About the CIBSE Council
CEO Reports
Council Records
Council Members 2018-19

About CIBSE Council

When the governance of CIBSE was reviewed in 2005 and the Board became the governing body of the Institution, it was agreed that was a clear need for Council to continue as a consultative and representative body.  Since then, the consultative Council has continued to meet three times a year and works with the Board to add value to the governance of the Institution.

The key roles of Council are to:

  • Influence the direction and strategy of the Institution.
  • Receive regular briefings on the Institution's progress.
  • Communicate the representative views of the members to the Board.
  • Monitor and evaluate the activities of the Institution.

To achieve this the Council receives reports from the Chief Executive, is consulted by the Board on any major proposals for change, debates matters of importance and concern to the Institution and its membership, and canvasses and represents the views of Regions, Societies and Groups.

Council is composed of over 60 members, including:

All members of the Board 
Up to nine elected Members 
2 Past Presidents 
All Standing Committee Chairs
All Regional Chairs
All Society Chairs
All Group Chairs
Other key representatives, eg Patrons, Young Engineers Network, REHVA. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Reports

Click links to download as PDF.

CEO Report Oct 2018
CEO Report June 2018
CEO Report Feb 2018

CEO Report Oct 2017
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CEO Report Oct 2011
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CEO Report Oct 2010
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Council Records

Click links to download as PDF. 

Council Record Oct 2018
Council Record June 2018
Council Record Feb 2018

Council Record Oct 2017
Council Record Jun 2017
Council Record Feb 2017

Council Record Oct 2016
Council Record Jun 2016
Council Record Feb 2016

Council Record Oct 2015
Council Record Jun 2015
Council Record Feb 2015

Council Record Oct 2014
Council Record Jun 2014
Council Record Feb 2014

Council Record Oct 2013
Council Record June 2013
Council Record Feb 2013

Council Record Oct 2012
Council Record June 2012
Council Record Feb 2012

Council Record Oct 2011
Council Record June 2011
Council Record Feb 2011

Council Record Oct 2010
Council Record June 2010
Council Record Feb 2010

CIBSE Council Members 2018/19

President: Stephen Lisk
President-Elect: Lynne Jack
Vice President: Stuart MacPherson
Vice-Persident: Ashley Bateson
Vice President: Kevin Kelly
Hon Treasurer: Adrian Catchpole
Immediate Past President: Peter Wong

Elected Members of the Board

Susan Hone-Brookes, Kevin Mitchell, P L Yuen, Les Copeland.

Past Presidents

Nick Mead, John Field

Elected Members of Council

Colin Ashford, Eleanora Brembilla, Carol Clark, Tessa Guy,  Cathie Simpson, Maria Longo

Co-opted Members: Wally Gilder.
Patrons Representative: David Fitzpatrick.
Society Representatives: Ian Carlile (SLL), Steve Vaughan (SoPHE), Saverio Pasetto (SFE), Jane Bastow (ILEVE), Les Copeland (SDE).
Young Engineers Network: David Mather
YEN Mentor: Andrew Saville
REHVA: Andy Ford/David Fisk
WiBSE: Laura Dunlop
EC(UK) Board Rep:  George Adams
Fellows Network: Geoff Prudence
Digital Steering Group: Les Copeland

Standing Committee Chairs

Education Training & Membership (ET&M): Vince Arnold
Communications Committee (CC): Mariana Trusson
Technical Committee (TC): Bryan Franklin
Professional Conduct Committee (PPC): John Armstrong
Knowledge Management Committee (KMC): David Hughes - KMC Profile
Regional Liaison Committee (RLC): Stephen Lisk

Group Representatives

ASHRAE: David Green
Building Simulation: Hazim B. Awbi
Chimneys & Flues: TBC
CHP & District Heating: Phil Jones
Day Lighting: John Mardaljevic
Electrical Services: Tony Sung
Energy Performance: TBC
Facilities Management: Geoff Prudence
Healthcare: Mark Walker
Heritage: Neil Sturrock
Homes for the Future: Ashley Bateson
Industry, Education & Training: Nick Mead
Intelligent Buildings: Derek Clements Croome
IT & Controls: Vacant
Lifts: Lem Halsey
Natural Ventilation: Martin Liddament
Resilient Cities: George Adams
School Design: Paul Eslinger

Regional Representatives

Australia & New Zealand: Paul Angus
CIBSE Ireland: Paul Martin
East Anglia: Jonathan Page
East Midlands: David Guzzetta
Home Counties North East: Austin Williamson
Home Counties North West: Rashmi Patel
Home Counties South East: Richard Davies
Home Counties South West: Dave Wigley
Hong Kong: Stanley Chow
Merseyside & North Wales: Alfred Leung
North East: Philip Oliver
North West: Colin Lehane
Northern Ireland: Jonathan Grimshaw
Scotland: Karen Warner
South Wales: Justin Thomas
South West : Joshua Eckett
Southern: Samantha Pope
UAE: Raef Hammoudeh
West Midlands: Lionel James
Yorkshire: Kayley Lockhead