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Presidential Addresses

Fiona Cousins CEng, FCIBSE, PE, LEED Fellow - CIBSE President 2024/25

Watch Fiona Cousin's Presidential address "Building Performance Reimagined".
Download as PDF


Presidential Address Archive

CIBSE President 2023/24 Adrian Catchpole CEng FCIBSE

"Taking a Lead"

Download Adrian Catchpole's Presidential Address 'Taking a Lead' (PDF)

CIBSE President 2022/23 Kevin Mitchell CEng FCIBSE

"Inspire the Next Generation"

Download Kevin Mitchell's Presidential Address 'Inspiring the Next Generation' (PDF)

CIBSE President 2021/22 - Kevin Kelly, CEng FCIBSE FSLL

"Leading Inclusive Change"

Download Kevin Kelly's Presidential Address 'Leading Inclusive Change' (PDF)

CIBSE President 2020/21 - Stuart MacPherson CEng FCIBSE


Download Stuart MacPherson's Presidential Address 'An opportunity for change - let's not return to business as usual' (PDF)

CIBSE President 2019/20 - Lynne Jack CEng FCIBSE FSoPHE

Download Lynne Jack's Presidential Address '‘Uncertainty, Adaptability, Agility’

CIBSE President 2018/19 - Stephen Lisk FCIBSE FSLL

Download Stephen Lisk's full Presidential Address: 'Adapt to Change'


CIBSE President 2017/18 - Peter Wong BSc, LLB, LLM, FCIBSE, FHKIE, FIET, Chartered Engineer, R.P.E (Ell, Bss)

Download Peter Wong's Presidential Address (5MB PDF) 

Video Highlights:

Full Presidential Address:

2016 Presidential Address - John Field MA CEng FCIBSE MEI CMVP

2015 Presidential Address - Nick Mead CEng FCIBSE. Listen to an audio recording (with slides) below. You can also download the transcript.

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