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Wednesday 9 September 2020
11 am - 5 pm AEST

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Mark Crawford, CIBSE ANZ Chair

"We are all very excited to announce that the CIBSE ANZ 2020 Seminar Series is to be provided on a digital platform this year. We are commited to delivering quality technical series whilst maintaining a safe environment for our delegates and members in the current regime.  The live webinar format allows people to attend from across the Australia and New Zealand region at one event, with presenters delivering from their chosen locations.  This approach provides certainty on the event proceeding and we really believe it will be memorable first for CIBSE ANZ."
- Mark Crawford, CIBSE ANZ Chair

About the Event

In the future net-zero carbon buildings will be driven not only by social responsibility but by policy and changing codes and standards. Now is the time to take action. 

This online programme brings experts from both sides of the Tasman to share exemplar case studies of regenerative and net-zero buildings and practices.

It will also tackle future policy changes in Australia and New Zealand that building owners, managers and services engineers need to understand to minimise risks to assets, both existing and new.

This event will provide answers to the questions:

   What are the legislative changes in the industy and how it applies to buildings and their design?

   What does the future of refrigerants look like under the Kigali Amendment and Paris Agreement?

   The changes to legislation that will impact industry and corporate responsibility on climate change driven by legislative changes.

   Building resilience - What does this mean and what do we need to know? Financial applications - insurance and investors and what does this mean for building designers?     

   Review of how Australia and New Zealand account for carbon in the building industry - operational and embodied sources. What are the shortfalls?

   The likely future focus of codes. Primary and extended targets for services engineers.

   Case studies of net zero being acheived. How the systems were designed to achieve this in new and existing buildings with net zero water / energy / carbon. 

   What lessons can we learn from overseas examples?

Who should attend:

  • Building and Operations Managers

  • Building Monitoring and Modelling Engineers

  • Building Services Engineers 

  • Commercial Property Owners

  • Consulting Engineers

  • Commercial Tenants

  • Energy and Sustainability Managers

  • Facilities Managers

  • Government Employees

  • Installation and Maintenance Contractors

  • Property Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Those interested in modeling net-zero and regenerative buildings


Register for this event now to lock in an early bird rate, from $99 for members. This rate available for a limited time.