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Wednesday 9 September 2020
11 am - 5 pm AEST

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Advisory Panel


Des Burns
Principal Engineer at Lucid Consulting Australia

Erik Moore
Associate Director at Atelier Ten

"The change I'd like to see is an immediate cessation of all the historical norms of what we NEED to provide within buildings and a return to ground-up, outcomes focused design."

Haris Moraitis
Assoicate Director at HKA

Hamza Hijazie
Mechanical Engineer at Beca

Ian Van Eerden
Senior Sustainability Consultant at Northrop Consulting Engineers

"The way we design buildings at a base level hasn’t changed in the last 1000 years, but the way that we control them and interact with them has. As a result they have become some of our most energy intensive infrastructure. We as services engineers need to continue to improve how we use buildings to ensure that they will continue to be useable into the future."

Jeff Robinson
Global Sustainable Design Expertise Leader at Aurecon

Jen Cardwell
Senior Mechanical Building Services Design Engineer at Arup

Keith Merry
Managing Director at Reddzebra 
“We cannot avoid the responsibility of tomorrow. We need to plan and deliver every project (new, refurb or replacement) understanding the ‘FULL’  life-cycle cost to ourselves and future generations”. 

Mark Crawford
Director at MCL (Mark Crawford Ltd)

"I would like to see all buildings commissioned correctly with commissioning managers compulsory on significant projects."

Mark Davie
Associate at Aurecon

Mathew Klintfalt
Development Manager at Syfon Systems

Phil Senn
Operations & Sustainability Manager - Industrial at Charter Hall

Raitis Kjestrup
Designing Electrical Systems for buildings including Lighting and Power

Ruth Williams
Building Performance Lead NZ at AECOM

"Huge benefits can be found by making sure every discipline has clarity on what the building is required to achieve and then working together to integrate design decisions."

Sean McKeag
Operations Director at Mace

Steve Hennessy
Building Services Engineer with a passion for energy efficiency

“It’s time for engineers to realise ‘more of the same’ won’t do. What is the most efficient and environmentally responsible possible solution? – this needs to be the starting point every time - new build, refurbishment, even equipment replacement.”

Tony McDermott
National Client Relationship Manager at Engineering Commissioning Services