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1. New boilers on old systems, hydraulic separation

This CIBSE-approved CPD course looks at the hydraulic design options available when installing new boilers on old heating systems. Learn about the difference between Sealed 'v' Open Vented heating systems and how to assess and choose the best method of separating the primary and secondary circuits.

2. Unwiring the jargon – controls 

Get to know the terminology used in controls and how best to setup your boilers for highest efficiency and performance in this CIBSE approved CPD course.

3. Introduction to Heat Pumps, Technology and Principles

Heat pumps will play a major part in the future of commercial heating and hot water in the UK. Learn about the technology and principles behind heat pumps to help you with your system design and specification in this CIBSE approved CPD course.

4.Best Practice in DHW Module 1

This CPD is designed to give audiences an understanding of the nature of the job, the type of project, the key design priorities, and what type of DHW system is being considered, bearing in mind any preferences and constraints, budget and so on.​

5.Best Practice in DHW Module 2

In this CPD we’ll look at some of the safety and water treatment issues to consider with commercial DHW generation, look at the potential problems and then what precautions can taken to avoid them.

6.Best Practice in DHW Module 3

In this CPD we’ll look at the main things to consider when sizing a DHW system. We’ll look at a real example, analyse the DHW needs of the building, and estimate the demand profile, and priorities, then calculate the appliance requirements in terms of flow rate, power, storage capacity etc. and then look at what options and potential solutions are available. We’ll use in this case examples from the Hamworthy range of DHW solutions although the same approach can be applied to selecting solutions from any vendors.

  • Building Safety
  • HVAC
  • Sustainability
HVAC;Building Safety;Sustainability

The CIBSE-approved CPDs will be delivered by a member of the sales, specification, or product management teams.

Seminars or Webinars;Online and Video Learning;On Site at Provider’s Location;On Site at Our Location;Lunch & Learn
1 hr
Free of Charge

We can offer our CPD seminars online, or in person - at our site or yours.

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