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1. HVAC Instrumentation Technologies & Applications

Training seminar for water flow & energy instrumentation technologies applied with heat pumps, chillers. water towers, dry coolers & L THW systems in commercial & district heating projects. lnline electromagnetic, inline ultrasonic, along with non invasive fixed & portable clamp on ultrasonic flow and energy meters are covered. The course provides an overview on how the technologies work, on to the selection & application process specifically for energy efficient HVAC solutions & building water management strategies in mechanical building services new build, retrofit HVAC plant optimisation and district heating/cooling networks.

2. HVAC Water Quality Monitoring & Flow Instrumentation Technologies

This training seminar looks at the requirement for water quality monitoring solutions in open and closed loop HVAC systems, with a detailed explanation of the technology developed for HVAC systems. The synergy between monitoring water quality, flow and energy is covered detailing the importance of HVAC plant optimisation, longevity and health & safety.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • HVAC
  • Mechanical
  • Sustainability
Mechanical;HVAC;Energy Efficiency;Sustainability

Stephen Shilcock - Affiliate membership number 066767. 

City & Guilds Mechanical Engineering & City & Guilds Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technician qualifications. 33 years HVAC industry experience, service technician in the 1990's, a senior product trainer and sales engineer at Daikin UK for 11 years. From 2013 founded & operated an HVAC service and installation business in Gloucestershire, covering all aspects of building services contracting, from design to project management. 

On Site at Provider’s Location;Lunch & Learn
1 hr
Free of Charge

Mechanical & Electrical Building Services Engineers. Energy Management & Sustainability Managers. 

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