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Ventilation for Education and Commercial Buildings

A CPD presentation on:

1. Natural ventilation, understanding the basics

2. Mixing ventilation, explained

3. New hybrid HR/Mixing systems

4. Current requirements/legislation affecting buildings

5. Ventilation strategies explained

6. Examples of natural ventilation applications

  • HVAC
  • Sustainability

Breathing Buildings is a British manufacturer of controlled hybrid ventilation systems - ones, which use natural ventilation when possible, but have low energy fans to provide draught mitigation in winter and boost ventilation in summer. 

Breathing Buildings CPD sessions feature knowledgeable and adaptable speakers who cater to the diverse needs of participants. 

These speakers encourage active participation by prompting questions, ensuring that participants can grasp the material at their own pace. 

Seminars or Webinars
< 1 hr
Free of Charge

Breathing Buildings CPD courses aim to enrich the knowledge of diverse participants. Our course leader is flexible and will tailor the learning experience to your pace, actively prompting you to ask questions. This ensures an excellent learning journey throughout your engagement in our CPD sessions. 

Whether you're a novice technician, engineer or mechanical engineer, or a Specifier, Architect or Consultant, we offer a range of courses to deepen your understanding of the subject matter. 

  • London
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