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Futureserv Ltd

Futureserv Ltd


Futureserv is a Building Services Design and Consultancy practice providing Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health and Vertical Transportation advice to Construction, Facilities and Property professionals across all sectors of the Built Environment.

Areas of Expertise

3D Modelling, Acquisition and Condition Surveys, Air Conditioning, Air Movement, Annual Property Inspection (API), As Installed Drawings & Surveys, BIM and Digital Design, BIM Level 2, BMS and Controls, Building Control, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Building Operation, Building Performance Analysis, Building Physics and Modelling, Building Refurbishment, Building Services Coordination, Building Simulation, Carbon Footprinting, Carbon Reduction, CCTV Installation, Central and Local Government, CFD, Clerk of Works, Code for Sustainable Homes, Combined Heat and Power - CHP, Commissioning and Testing, Compliance Drawings, Computer Modelling and Simulation with CFD, Condition Surveys, Consumer Technology, Controls, Cost Control, Cost Management, D&B Service for Contractors, Dialux, Dilapidations, Dispersion, Display Energy Certificates - DECs, District Energy, Domestic Gas Consultancy, Drawing Services, Drawing Services Management, Dynamic Simulation Modelling, Dynamic Thermal Modelling, Electrical Services (including Lighting), Energy & Renewable Statements for Planning, Energy Audits, Energy from Waste, Energy Master Planning, Energy Performance Certificates - EPCs, Energy Purchasing, Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Energy Strategy, Energy Utilisation, Entrance Draught Analysis, Environmental Audits, Environmental Impact Analysis, Environmental Management, Estates Management, Evaporative Cooling systems , Expert Witness, Fan Systems, FM & Asset Data Capture, Forensic Engineering, Government, Greening Existing Buildings, Health & Safety, Heat Pumps, Heat Transfer, Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning, High Voltage Power, Hotels and Hostels, Housing Installations, HV Networks, IES, Indoor Swimming Pool, Industrial Ventilation Systems, Infrastructure and Transport, Insurance Investigation, Intelligent Buildings and Controls, IT, Telecoms and Audio Visual, Law and Order, Lifts & Escalators, Lighting Specialisms, Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV), Low Carbon Consultants, Low Energy and Sustainable Design, Low Energy Technologies, M&E Cost Advise & Value Engineering, Maintenance and Surveys, Maintenance Management, Mechanical and Electrical Design (M&E), Mechanical Services, Medical Gases, Mentoring, Nuclear, Operating and Maintenance Manuals, Performance Assessments, PFI Advisor Service, Photovoltaics, Planning Guidance, Plant Replacement, Post Occupancy Support, Power, Preparations of Specifications & Drawings, Project Management, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), Public Health Services, Quality, Reliability and Maintenance, Railway Power Supplies, Refrigeration, Regulations and Standards, Renewable Energy, Research and Development, Satellite Antenna, Earth Stations and Radomes, Security, Server Room Cooling, Services Resilience Studies, Site Wide Infrastructure, Small Wind Generators, Smoke Movement, Soft Landings, Solar Energy Applications, Solar Hot Water Systems, Specialist Lighting, Sprinkler and Fire Fighting Systems, Steam and Compressed Air, Surveys, Sustainability and Energy, Sustainable Masterplanning, Swimming Pool Water Treatment, Switch Sites and Internet Data Centres, Television and Radio Studios, Testing and commissioning of LEV, Thermal Analysis & Building Physics, Thermal Modelling, TM44: Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems, Total Preventative Maintenance, Tri Generation, UPS and Generators, Utility Master Planning, Ventilation Modelling, Virtual Environment, Visual Condition Surveys, Whole Life Cycle Costing, Wind Turbines, Windfarm


Additional information

Partners/Directors (practising building services): Craig Cleary, Director

Number of permanent technical building services staff: 51-100