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Event Format
The series will be run virtually as 5 weekly sessions 12pm - 2pm AEST, Tuesday 30 Aug 2022 - Tuesday 27 Sept 2022. 

Each session will include 2 presentations followed by a panel discussion. See below for the themes that will be explored in each session.


SESSION  1 | End of Life

Tuesday 30th August 2022, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEST

Beginning with the end in mind:

• What does the lifespan of a building mean and what happens at the end –how we plan for it.
• Are systems destined to be replaced during the lifespan of a building – how we plan for this
• Design for disassembly, recovery, reuse of systems and components
• The documentation of buildings to assist in not just operation but refurbishment and end of life


Chair: Ian Van Eerden, Principal Sustainability Consultant - Northrop Consulting Engineers | CIBSE NSW Chair
Carlos Flores, Director - NABERS
Matthew Skyes, Associate Principal - Integral Group

Panel Discussion: Embodied Carbon - Invest now or save for the future
Panellists (tbc)

2:00PM AEST 
Virtual lounge and networking rooms open


SESSION  2 | Dealing with the past

Tuesday 6th September 2022, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEST 

• Reflection on existing building stock and potential for upgrade to meet modern standards
• How do we assess existing buildings – reflect on the fundamentals of a good building
• Which buildings have the potential for upgrade?
• How do we upgrade existing buildings?


Chair: Phil Senn, Senior Manager Climate Change, Woolworths Group | CIBSE ANZ Vice Chair

Erik Moore, Sustainability | ESG - AMP Captial
Walter van der Linde, Mechanical Engineer - Aurecon

Panel Discussion: Dealing with the past as we transition into future
Panellists: Rebecca Fitzgerald, Sustainability Professional - Investa Property Group

2:00PM AEST 
Virtual lounge and networking rooms open


SESSION  3 | Current design practice 

Tuesday 13th September 2022, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEST 

• Engineering good and better buildings 
• Where do we pitch the level of good and better buildings?
• Current guidance: Green Buildings (Green Star and NABERS)
• How is this practically implemented


Jorge Chapa, Head of Market Transformation - Green Building Council of Australia
Monique Alfris, Head of Operations and Standards - NABERS
Panellist (tbc)

2:00PM AEST 
Virtual lounge and networking rooms open


SESSION  4 | Modern Construction

Tuesday 20th September 2022, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEST 

• Can we define good and better construction
• Building Design and Construction Quality (Building Commissioner, certification and standards etc)
• Are modern methods of construction helping the integration, efficiency and flexibility of building services?
• Air Tightness as a demonstration for good buildings and a target for better buildings


Chair: Taryn Cornell, Senior Manager, Green Star Strategy and Development, GBCA
Quentin Jackson, Principal & Sustainability Leader - Aurecon
Jessica Allen, Technical Manager - Climasure 

Panel Discussion: Modern Construction - Delivering what you promised
Panellist (tbc)

2:00PM AEST 
Virtual lounge and networking rooms open


SESSION  5 | In use

Tuesday 27th September 2022, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEST 

• Tracking and analysing the operation of the buildings and their ability to adapt over time.
• Comfort and Occupant Wellbeing – Simulation, analysis, systems, code and standards
• Resilient Buildings climate change and risk adaptation – how buildings respond over their lifespan
• Can we track good system integration – What can post-occupancy assessments show?


Chair: Mark Crawford, Commissioning Manager, MCL | CIBSE ANZ Chair
Roderic Bunn, Building Performance Analyst & Soft landings Consultant - WME Boom Collective 
Noni Nuriani, Principal Consultant at Kani Quest Pty Ltd
Panelist (tbc)

2:00PM AEST 
Virtual lounge and networking rooms open


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