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Mark Griffin Award - Student of the Year:

Max Eppelstun, Undergraduate Electrical Engineer – Northrop Consulting Engineers & Australian National University 
Addressed questions - What can be done to better prepare graduates leaving university to inform them of the issues surrounding embodied carbon?


Haris Moraitis Award - Graduate of the Year:

Vanessa O’Brien, Graduate Hydraulics and Fire Services Engineer – Arup 
Addressed Question - There are many pieces of building services equipment and plant within a building, which one do you consider the most important to reduce the embodied carbon of, and why?


Jack Pirie Award - Young Engineer of the Year:

Deejan Ferrao, Manager - Future Focus Rating Tools - Green Building Council of Australia
Addressed Question - What are three arguments you could make to a client to convince them that they should prioritise the embodied carbon of the new equipment/plant they are installing?

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