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ANZ Mechanical Services Engineering Training

Sydney Opera House

About this Course:

CIBSE ANZ Mechanical Services Training is a four-day course that forms part of a new building services series of face-to-face training that is launching in Australia and New Zealand.

This course introduces Mechanical Services as a core discipline within building services engineering. This includes an overview of what Mechanical Services are, their importance and design, and the vitality of how they integrate into the overarching building and construction process.

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this course you will have an understanding of the following:

  • Statutory, Cost and Technical considerations for Mechanical Services design and component selection
  • minimum standard requirements and best practices in Mechanical Services design
  •  key components of the mechanical plant and systems
  • the complexities and interrelatedness of Mechanical Services and other building services, which ensure/reflect a people-first approach, over a building-first mindset.
  • key aspects of Mechanical Services including Ventilation, Fire and Smoke Control, Commissioning, Maintenance, Controls, Noise and Vibration. 
  • the importance of focusing on the comfort, health, wellbeing, and safety of the people who might occupy the building, and the appropriateness of the sustainability strategy in relation to those people.


Who should attend?

This course is suited to those in the early stages of their mechanical services career and those specialising in other areas of the construction and building services industry who wish to gain a better understanding of mechanical services design.


Course Agenda:

Day 1 Introduction to Mechanical Services – Statutory, Cost and Technical

Brief introduction to Building Services

Introduction to Statutory Considerations

Introduction to Cost Considerations


Principles of Air Conditioning

  • Psychrometry
  • Refrigeration Systems

Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality
Types of Ventilation
Principles of Heating & Cooling

Day 2 Statutory and Cost Requirements

Statutory Framework

NCC Compliance

Fire and smoke control

Ventilation Systems in Buildings

  • Mechanical Ventilation in Buildings
  • Exhausts
  • Carparks
  • Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Capital costs and return on assets

Operating costs

Maintenance costs

Lifecycle Cost

Environmental costs

Financial return

  • NPV analysis

Limitations of Cost Estimates

Day 3 Mechanical Technical Requirements

Distributing Outside Air

Heat Rejection Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

  • Split
  • VRV / VRF
  • Reverse Cycle Heating
  • DX Systems

Chilled and Heating Water Systems

Energy Transport

Supply Air Distribution

Sizing Criteria - Duct Sizing

  • Air Pressure Drop Calculations

Fan Coils and Air Handling Units

  • Heat Exchange and Recovery
  • CAV Systems
  • VAV Systems

Chilled Beams

Day 4 Mechanical Technical Requirements continued

Pipe Systems and Sizing

Evaporative Cooling

Cooling Towers

Ventilation in Healthcare

Controls and BMS

Importance of Commissioning




"Excellent content, very indepth on the last two days"

"The sessions were really good and very comprehensive"

"I'd wanted to find a course like this for years. Having worked in a different building service discipline, my general Mechanical Services knowledge needed to be accelerated. The course provided me with some great general principles, that you'd pick up over years in a graduate role, which I got in 4 days. It has helped me better navigate the design and review of these systems within modern buildings."

"This course was beneficial in introducing common mechanical concepts for my wider understanding of building services. I was not required to specifically learn how to design mechanical systems but get a better feel for the problems mechanical designers might face and how other services interface with them."

"It is a great starting point to enhance your knowledge about the various mechanical systems, and the overall HVAC technical requirement and legislations for all Building types."

Meet the Trainer:

Sean Williamson

Sean Williamson

Mechanical Engineering Diploma
Masters in Design Science Building Services USyd
Masters in Business Administration UNSW

Sean moved to Sydney in 2003 and started working for a building services consultancy compiling technical documentation and learning from on-site inspections and mentoring from people experienced in different types of building services design and installation.

Whilst working in building services on a full-time basis Sean completed studies in engineering, design science and business. He has also contributed to projects in the commercial pursuit of sustainable building materials, road safety and security. 

Sean has contributed to projects in Australia and overseas learning about the varied application and regulations of the built environment as well as different needs, design conditions and cultures.

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