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Student Design Competition

CIBSE UAE Student Design Competition. 

Stay tuned to get the latest updates on this year's student design competition

Welcome to the CIBSE UAE Student Design Competition 2023 - an extraordinary platform for budding Engineers to shape the future of sustainable engineering in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, and wider GCC community.

This year's competition beckons you to channel your creativity and technical expertise towards the art of green retrofitting. We invite you to craft designs for the sustainable transformation of existing buildings,
selecting structures that serve as canvases for the implementation of cutting-edge sustainable engineering principles.

Aligned with the COP 28, the competition is themed around Innovation and Technology, Inclusion, Frontline Communities, and Finance. Your mission is to seize opportunities that amplify energy performance
and efficiency in existing buildings while embracing sustainable, low-energy, and renewable technologies that reduce reliance on natural resources. 



Flexibility to submit applications either as individuals or as part of a collaborative project team, with a maximum team size of 4individuals. This approach accommodates both independent creativity and the synergy of collaborative efforts, allowing for a diverse range of innovative ideas and solutions in the realm of green retrofitting for existing buildings. 


Key Dates: 

  • Deliverables submission: October 27, 2023 11:59 PM GST. 
  • Shortlist Announcement: November 24, 2023
  • Winner's and Runner's up Announcement: December 7, 2023 at the CIBSE UAE Awards 


Competition Design Brief: 

The competition design brief is an elaborative document that outlines competition building to be considered, examples, eligibility criteria, passement criteria,  awards & prizes, deliverables and deadlines. 

Competition Design Brief Document 

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