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TExT & Commissioning Reports

Last updated pre-2024

These documents are for the intended use by competent professional persons carrying out the commissioning or thorough examination and testing of local exhaust ventilation systems.

The use of these documents does not ensure compliance with the COSHH Regulations or HSE requirements. They also do not ensure competence.

Persons may use these templates in the full knowledge that their intended use is: 

  • They are templates and may need to be amended to suit the system being tested
  • All Commissioning and TExT reports are to be in accordance with HSG258 & COSHH L5
  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements are required when undertaking these works and should be completed by person/company undertaking the works
  • They do not replace the requirement to be competent to undertake these works

ILEVE recommend that only ILEVE Competency cardholders, with the relevant competency accreditations, should undertake the thorough examination and testing or commissioning of local exhaust ventilation systems.

If in doubt ASK TO SEE THE CARD.


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