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The SFE are pleased to announce that we have established a new SFE Hub in the ANZ region. 

The Society of Facade Engineers membership is a worldwide network of professionals across the facade industry, with over a thousand members around the globe.

The aim of Hubs is to enable the SFE to provide useful services to such a widespread community, we have established localised hubs to organise and operate on a regional basis.

SFE ANZ Hub Steering Committee:
ANZ Chair - Rob Buck
ANZ Vice Chair – Elissa Stirling
Qld Chair - Todd Grice
NSW Chair- Tom Donald
NSW Vice Chair - Robert Moisy
SA Chair – Nick Roach
VIC Chair – Rob Buck
WA Chair – Vacant
NZ Chair - Jon Robinson
YEN Engagement & Development - Balesh Baleshan


To promote the benefits of facade engineering in the built environment.

To establish and promote good practice and professional guidance in facade engineering in all its facets.

To provide professional recognition to all those active in the field of facade engineering, including designers and engineers.

To provide facade engineers in the built environment a route to registration with the Engineering Council as Chartered or Incorporated engineers or engineering technicians.

To be at the forefront of developing facade engineering as an integral part of a low-energy, zero carbon sustainable future.

To provide a forum where people interested in all aspects of facade engineering can come together, connecting the creators and users of Facade information in the built environment.

To set and maintain standards in education and training for facade engineering and to promote relevant research.

We will do this by:

  • Holding events for technical development and knowledge sharing.
    Advocate for the better definition and understanding of facade engineering. Including:
    Information and advice relating to the role of facade engineers in differing certification frameworks including the risks, liabilities and responsibilities.
    Advocate for better definitions of a Facade engineer with state and federal bodies, engineering registers, fair trading etc.
    Liaise with the industry / education to develop and outline pathways to become recognized as a facade engineer.
    Develop a national standard to assess skills and competence in facade engineering in relation to accreditation
    Develop ANZ specific knowledge portal for members.
    Promote facade engineering at universities to attract the best students to the profession.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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