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SFE Specialist Equipment Access Scheme

The Society of Facade Engineering is glad to announce its access scheme to lend our members specialist equipment. 

This is a scheme to enable our members access to specialist equipment that is generally unavailable, and outside a normal company inventory. 

What is for hire? 
A glass and glazing analysis kit including a:  

  • low-e coating detector.
  • toughened glass indicator.
  • glass thickness and air gap gauge.

A digital three point contact rollerwave and edge lift gauge, which:

  • measures roller wave and edge lift in accordance with EN 1863-1.
  • can be connected to a PC with the USB cable.

The equipment is free to borrow for a week at a time (+p&p).

If you would like to borrow any of our equipment, please email [email protected] with the week you require the equipment along with your name, membership number and company.

Do you have any suggestions for further inventory we should add? Please get in touch!

Please note:

  • At the end of your hire, you will be required to return the equipment to Interface Facade Engineering (Farringdon, London) where it will be signed in and checked. 
  • If the equipment comes back late or damaged a relevant charge will be made (up to £1000).
  • The equipment is currently only available to our UK members. If you are a member elsewhere and would like to have this service available please let us know at the above email address.
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