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In 2023 Teresa Aguilar Carrasco was named SLL Young Lighter with her project, CircaLight, a new circadian light assessment tool for Grasshopper environment.

The other finalists were:

  • Anna Freiesleben, Michael Grubb Studio - Light Beyond Earth: Illuminating life on exoplanets.
  • Irene Mazzei, Edinburgh Napier University / Stoane Lighting Ltd (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) - Improving sustainability in the lighting industry.
  • Tom Ruddle, EGG Lighting - Lighting Remanufacture.

Teresa Aguilar Carrasco, winner of Young Lighter 23, pictured with President Elect SLL, Dan Lister

Find out more about Teresa's winning entry and the 2023 SLL Young Lighter finals. Watch a video of all the finalists at Light 23

Scott Kluger was named SLL Young Lighter 2022 with his entry - Daylight Harvester: A tool to enhance lighting operational performance. 

SLL Young Lighter 2022 finalists:

  • Kenny Cliffe, Lighting Designer, Ridge & Partners - Adapting to the Digital Future
  • Anna Forrester, Lighting Design, Arup - Improving the circadian rhythms in children through the means of a lighting device
  • Hiba Mazhar, Architectural Lighting Designer, Signify - DO WE OWN NIGHT??? Reimagining traditional city lighting with new light recipe to confiscate light pollution

Find out more about Scott's winning entry and the 2022 SLL Young Lighter finals

Maria Englezou was named SLL Young Lighter 2021 with her entry - Do we need to change the design of healthcare facilities rooms?

Find our more about Maria's winning entry and the 2021 Young Lighter Finals. Held online.

Aluwaine Manyonga was named SLL Young Lighter 2020 at the Lux Awards online with his entry - Offgrid Solar Lighting and Chigubhu Lantern, Africa's Education System Game Changer

Find out more about Aluwaine's winning entry. 

Take a look at some of the previous finalists' video presentations via the links below:

Previous winners of Young Lighter

SLL Young Lighters - Left: Matt Hanbury (2017), Sofia Tolia (2016), Youmna Abdallah (2015)
Right: Janna Aronson (2014), Rachael Nicholls (2013), Sabine de Schutter (2012)

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